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Climate Conference Agreement My Arse: Germany To Build Forty New Coal And Gas Power stations

So as the great and good, ferried halfway round the world (by private jet in many cases) have been meeting in the latest 'last chance saloon' in Paris to save the planet. We need a Green revolution the politicians and scientists agree. Carbon Dioxide is the devil incarnate and unless we accept a one million per cent tax on every penny we earn, will destoy all life on earth by lunchtime next Tuesday, they tell us.

"You buggers had better listen to us, the science is settled," they tell us.

Green Revolution my arse.

Today I saw this headline, German Brown Coal Power Output Hits New High (Der Spiegel English edition) and because the German government has been touted as one of the greenest and most committed to
switching off the light and heatconverting the national economy ro run entirely on 'sustainable energy supplies'. Knowing from friends on the ground rather than in Ivory Towers in Germany that German energy industry was, until they recommissioned a number of mothballed coal plants, struggling to keep up with demands having tried to replace outmoded coal and gas stations with wind turbines (solar panels are about as much use for large scale generation in Germany as they are in Britain, then in a frenzy of panic they closed their nuclear stations because of a mess in Fukushima on the other side of the world.

So here is the shocking story beneath that headline. Once again they hypocrisy of the climate change scaremongering is exposed. And when you remember that both India and China have plans to build ten times as many new coal burning power plants as Germany over the coming years, it shows what a nonsense the Paris conference is. And it shows what shits politicians are and what a bunch of snivelling little creeps those lying statistics nerds who call themselves climate scientists are. They are whores, they will say anything they are paid to say.

Who is paying them you might well ask. Well who do you think will profit from the $1trillion market in trading carbon credits. Goldman Sachs? George Soros? Al Gore? All of the above banksters and billionaires?
Coal power in Germany (Image source)

Germany plans to wean itself off CO2-belching coal-fired power stations. But new figures show that coal power output in 2013 reached its highest level in more than 20 years. Researchers blame cheap CO2 emissions permits, and demand urgent reforms.

Energy Paradox

The increase in coal-generated power also led to a new record in German electricity exports to around 33 billion kilowatt hours. “In 2013 Germany exported more power than it imported on eight out of 10 days. Most of it was generated by from brown coal and anthracite power stations,” said Patrick Graichen, a power market analyst at Berlin-based think tank Agora Energiewende. “They are crowding out gas plants not just in Germany but also abroad — especially in the Netherlands.”

So much for Obama's sanctimonious speechifying, Cameron's  shiny - faced blethering, Merkel's hypocritical humbug and all the rest of the complete and utter bollocks being talked in Paris. We can only realistically reduce carbon by reducing our rate of consumption of material goods in the developed nations. but the politicians who are damning carbon dioxide constantly tell us economic growth is essential.

And economic growth means more carbon dioxide.

Now I'm in favour of scaling down economies, living smaller, making stuff last longer, boycotting the throw away society. Do you know how many million tons of CO2 is produced by making the stuff we rip off things we buy and just throw away? I looked it up once, its a lot - but nobody is telling us to boycott overpackaged things to save the planet.


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