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Landmark Report Explodes The Myth Of Economic Benefits From Mass Immigration

Immigrant workers boost the economy of a European nation (Image source)

The Contribution politicians and left wing hand wringers claim is by migrants to Britain’s economy are “modest” compared to their long term costs, while mass migration depresses wages and harms GDP growth, a report on the findings of research led by a respected academic has found.

A pamphlet published by the Institute for the Study of Civil Society (Civitas), titled The Costs And Benefits Of Large-Scale Immigration is a large scale survey of the modern mass migration phenomenon.

King’s College Cambridge fellow and Emeritus Professor of Economics Robert Rowthorn, is named as lead author of the report which finds serious discrepancies between claims made by left-wing, and “centrist” establishment politicians and the reality of mass migration as it affects working and middle class people.

While mass migration will drive almost all population growth in the next 75 years, the growth will not deliver any improvement of living conditions or economic growth, according to Prof. Rowthorn's research. As the population of Britain’s grows by an astonishing 30 million by 2080, GDP per capita — a totally inaccurate and misleading measure of wealth but the only one the government's Office Of National Statistics supplies us with, — will only see marginal growth as wages stagnate due to the offshoring of jobs and the influx of cheap labour.

A similar thing is already destroying the living standards of middle income families in the USA. While most new jobs being created are in the service sector, manufacturing, construction and research & development are contracting as sources of employment.

The wage stagnation, or even a real-terms decrease in earnings,  that will inevitably result from the twin trends of offshoring work and importing huge numbers of workers is certain to be felt primarily by working class Britons as oversupply of labour from new migrants pushes down wages. The report also exposed the myth that migrants were important to an economy, by paying for the pensions of retired British (that one never had any basis in logic, new citizens only increase tax revenue if jobs can be found for them, and with the exception of Canada, western economies are not creating jobs. Even Germany's economy has been hit by the costs of mass immigration.

In reality, when the claims of the politically correct political consensus are subjected to detailed examination, the  opposite is true of most of them, Prof. Rowthorn states.

In the case of the ‘dependency rate’, the number of pensioners that can be supported from the contributions of every 100 working age people — not only did the figure not improve, the amount of immigrants required to keep the level stable continues to rise.

A hidden nasty in the statistics shows that as working-age migrants get older, retire, and do not return home — there will be a requirement for whole new generation of migrants to work in the public sector caring for them.

On this phenomenon, Prof. Rowthorn writes: “Many people would consider it better to settle for much less immigration and much slower population growth at the cost of a slightly faster ageing” of the population.

The report suggests, it will be better to raise the retirement age slightly instead, and spare Britain tens of millions of migrants and descendents of migrants, many of whom will not be willing to accept British laws or customes and will refuse to integrate over the coming decades. As we know there are now people in towns with large immigrant communities who, despite having been born in Britain to parents born in Britain, do not consider themselves British, are intolerant of aspects of British life and are supporters of those groups demanding their own laws and areas from which white people are excluded.

The report has been received welcomed by some. Responding to the remarkable findings, Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of the independent Migration Watch UK think tank said:
“This landmark report is the nail in the coffin for claims that mass immigration is good for Britain. It shows the impact on jobs and pay as well as the massive impact of population growth on schools, hospitals and housing.
“Immigration is currently the greatest concern for the British public yet campaigners continue to parrot selective and misleading arguments about its supposed benefits. In reality, it is nigh on impossible to find any reasons for growing our population by 20 million over the next 50 years.”

Civitas director Dr. David Green went further, commenting that the evidence put forward by Prof. Rowthorn exposed the weakness of arguments in support of mass migration, and said it was also a selfish policy for first world
nations to pursue.

He said: “Rich countries are enriching themselves at the expense of poorer countries. The attitude seems to be: let poor countries go to the expense of educating their young people and then invite them here to exploit their skills. Poor countries can’t afford to lose their best educated and motivated young.

“Defenders of mass immigration say that immigrants take dirty or hard jobs that locals will not do. But in the past in Britain, before our public service employers were hijacked by Britain - hating Marxists, and in other countries with low immigration such jobs are filled. Employers simply have to pay more for dirty and arduous jobs. So it should be.

The end result of the current policy will be an underclass of foreign workers doing unpopular jobs, an academic, managerial and professional elite enjoying an exotic lifestyle and lost generations of bar tenders, waitresses, call centre clerks and delivery drivers working for minimum wage. Instead an advanced and wealthy society should be aim for a high-wage economy in which everyone can earn a fair living”. But then the left always did despise the masses whose votes they have for so long taken for granted.


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