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Google, Facebook and Twitter Yield to German Govt Demand to Censor Anti-Migrant ‘Hate Speech’ (aka Free Speech)

Zuckerberg and Merkel: Two questions, (1) Why is is this opportunistic little sociopath discussing policy with elected leaders? (2) Who elected him to say what we can and cannot read online? (Image source)

Over the past couple of days we, and many other New Media outlets reported the horrific incident in Cologne, Germany at New Year, in which a crowd on male, recently arrived immigrants, all of Arab or North African appearance according to witnesses carried out a mass attack on German women who were simply trying to use the railway station. At first the story was completely ignored by mainstream media, but the outcry following internet news and opinion sites getting the story out finally shamed television and print news organisations into reporting the outrage.

What is going on, you might well ask, because we often hear of crimes committed by recent immigrants from Africa and the middle east against Europeans, particularly in Germany and Sweden, two countries noted for their 'open doors' border control policy (i.e. no policy at all, just let anyone in).

Politicians in most other developed nations, where the political establishments tend to be in the pockets of global corporations, are as eager to facilitate mass immigration as Germany and Sweden, but are constrained by public opinion.

One of the most dangerous trends however, given the amount of control a few entirely self interested internet technology corporations exercise over what we see online, is the tendency of companies like Google and Facebook to collaborate with the neo - fascism of leaders like Germany's Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel in suppressing all honest discussion of the problems cause by immigrants who refuse to respect the laws and culture of their host nations.

In December 2024 The German government demanded of social media giants Google, Facebook and Twitter that they automatically remove what Hausfrau - Volkfuhrer Merkel's government refers to as anti-migrant ‘hate speech’. As we have since learned, the German government's definition of 'hate speech' covers any criticism of its immigration policy, any comment on the refusal of many migrants of a certain religion and from certain parts of the world to accept German law or acknowledge that in Europe women who go out alone with their hair uncovered are not prostitutes, or even the truthful reporting of crimes committed by immigrants. In other words, with help from Google, Facebook and Twitter, Hausfrau - Volksfuhrer Merkel's government is following Hitler's Nazi regime by banning free speech. The ban is having its first real test in the wake of the sickening sex attacks in Cologne over New Year’s Eve.

Anyone in Germany appalled by the scenes we in New Media described however, will find it difficult to express their disgust online because it will be branded as hate speech by the Berlin political class. Major social media sites have said they would work to delete any German anti-migrant sentiments distributed on their networks within 24 hours after a removal request has been made. In fact the Jewish Quisling Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facistbook, has committed his organisation to working with governments to suppress all discussion that does not comply with the dictum of political correctness.

The internet giants have agreed to apply domestic laws, rather than their own corporate policies, to posts, comments and links to posts. Users in Germany, a country in which there is already considerable civil unrest due to the problems caused by immigrant's behaviour, are expressing disgust at the policy which came from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office.

Last September, Ms Merkel was overheard confronting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over the issue, with Mr Zuckerberg replying “we need to do some work” to remove offensive posts, Wired reported. He agreed to collaborate with the German leader on the issue and is now encouraging other national leaders to impose similiarly authoritarian restrictions on free speech.

The restrictions and censorship are not going unnoticed. “It’s not politically correct to say anything against migrants. We don’t have freedom of opinion anymore. #Cologne,” Tweeted a German user from Hanover.


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