Monday, January 11, 2016

Will The 3.5mm Jack Be The Worm That Rots The Apple?

Following rumours that Apple Inc. was planning to replace the standard 3.5mm jack socket on its amusing gadgets, starting with the iPhone 7, hudreds of thousands of users have signed a petition asking the company to reconsider. This humble plug, which has been a de facto standard for electronic technology since the nineteenth century, is a rare example of technology that has stood the test of time in an industry that depends on obsolescence to maintain its revenue flows.

Considering the move has not been confirmed by Apple and therefore is to date only an unsubstantiated rumour, a lot of people are already getting upset about the new iPhone. If Apple go ahead and scrapping the 3.5mm socket, people who buy new gadgets will have to buy headphones with proprietary jack plugs that can be plugged into the "Lightning" port - the company's own design of socket.

Cynics have pointed out that while the change might enable iPhones to be slightly thinner, it will render many headphones useless and force headphone manufacturers to pay Apple a licence fee to use their Lightning plugs on products.

The petition says Apple's purported move would "singlehandedly create mountains of electronic waste".

The original 'quarter-inch' jack, which the 3.5mm jack is a compact version of, was first introduced for use with early, manual telephone switchboards.

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