Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Unconfirmed Report: huge Explosion In Ankara, Turkey's Capital City

News Update, 17:52

We are getting more news on the explosion in Ankara, Turkey. Early indications are that military barracks were targeted. A "large number of casulaties" are rumored. Expect this to be pinned on either ISIS or the PKK. If it's the latter, Ankara will once again claim that the group is working in concert with the YPG and that will be all the evidence Erdogan needs to march across the border.

Wall Street Journal News Ticker reports:

A car-bomb attack hit the Turkish capital Wednesday night, killing at least five people and wounding 10 others, according to Turkish officials.

The huge explosion struck in Ankara outside a military housing complex, a short distance from the Turkish armed forces headquarters. Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency said the explosion happened as military buses were passing by.

Authorities dispatched ambulances and fire engines to the area, as well as police forces to cordon off the scene.

Turkish television stations broadcast thick plumes rising from the explosion area, as well as images of vehicles ablaze.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told reporters that the government is investigating the explosion, according to Anadolu news.

Machester UK, 17:00, Wednesday 17 February

We picked up speculation a while ago about a huge explosion in Turkey' capital city Ankara, close to government and military headquarters. So far we have not been able to confirm this.

Turkey has been shelling Syria for several days of course and with allies Saudi Arabia has been looking for an excuse to send ground troops into Syrian territory in a desperate bid to stop President Assad's forces destroying the Sunni Muslim rebellion.

If Turkey does invade Syarian territory however, it is likely that Assad's allies Russia, Iran and China will retaliate and because Turkey is a NATO member, European nations and the USA would be obliged to support the Turks.nd Saudi Arabia are officially fighting the ISIS incursion, but it is widely known their primary objective is to depose Assad.

The Turks have also been attacking targets in Kurdish territory. Turkey a

With Twitter going mad on the story we gather the explosion was at a military dormitory in Ankara has left several people injured, reports say.

A Turkish police official quoted by the BBC said a vehicle exploded.

Photos on social media showed large plumes of smoke rising from the area.

Turkey has been hit by a serious of attacks recently, including a suicide bomber that killed 10 people in Istanbul last month.

Since starting it type this short post, we have learned there has indeed been an explosion in Turkey as reported. It is not yrt known which group is claiming responsibility. Hold tight folks.


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