Monday, May 30, 2016

Adolf Hitler: His Part In Our Downfall

In Britain the news is all about the 'Brexit' vote, should Britain leave the undemocratic, unaccountable and increasingly authoritarian bureaucratic dictatorship known as the European Union or should our brave nation that not very long ago dominated the developed world militarily and economically, surrender our freedom and national sovereignty in order to reap the dubious benefits of being ruled by a bunch of unelected, tesicularly deficient, smooth face office boys. If you are a British voter this free e book might help you make up your mind. If you are not British but wonder what it's all about, this book explains it all from the Nazi roots of the European project to the expansionist ideas of the ruling elites who want to stretch Europe beyond its geographical boders so they can rule the middle east and north African too.

An incisive examination by someone who has worked in the European Union, of the true ideology that underpins this undemocratic and unaccountable.
If you have been worried by EU bureaucratic waste and unaccountability this 35,000 word free ebook is a must for you.

The title is a parody of the hilarious war memoir Adolf Hitler, My Part In His Downfall by British comedy genius Spike Milligan, but the subject matter is very different.
While Milligan tells of how a poorly armed and ill prepared conscript army defied the Nazi advance through Europe, the middle east and north Africa,, this book, by various authors and edited by Ian R Thorpe traces the well documented origins of the European Union in Nazi ideology and demonstrated how a bureaucratic elite with ambitions to rule the whole of Euroipe, along with the middle east and north Africa, has insidiously extended its control of sovereign states lawmaking and policy making processes in fulfilment of the aim first stated by Hitler's aides of 'ever closer unity' leading to a federal European superstate.
If you have believed the propaganda of EU supporters and dismissed the idea of Nazi Europe as a 'conspiracy theory', this 35,000 word book will probably change your mind if you are prepared to read the case made by its authors.


Adolf Hitler: His Part In Our Downfall - free download for Kindle

as a .pdf or read online. Other formats to follow in the next few days. 


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