Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Migrants Hijack Refugee Welcome Centre In Southern Italy

Migrants riot at a refugee center in Italy (Image source)

A gang of young migrants recently arrived in Italy as refugees and asylum seekers seized control of the refugee welcome center in southern Italy where they were being accommodated on Monday June 18. The rioters barricaded themselves inside the centre for eight hours, piling up furniture against the entrance to the building and telling authorities they would not leave until all their demands were met.

The list of demands, included better living conditions and the facilities for communicating with family members in their home countries, which shows these people are not refugees but economic migrants who expect to be treated like tourists . The real giveaway, however, is their demand to be moved elsewhere, particularly to Germany or other countries of northern Europe. International law has always stated that refugees be accommodated in the first safe country they land in.

Regarding their current living conditions, migrants are claiming they have little food, no hot water, insufficient clothing, shampoo and soap to wash, and that they are forced to sleep on cots or directly on the floor in sleeping bags.That is normal for situations where nations have to cope with a large and sudden influx of refugees.

Italian Refugee support organisations have, however, reported that supplies of food, clothing and other goods arrive regularly and the immigrants are treated very well. “The truck arrives every morning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said one official. “These complaints are an excuse; they want to go to Milan, Rome, to the Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden, and they complain about  things in order to be taken elsewhere.”

The current crop of migrants, like most of those who arrived in Europe last year are not very intelligent, illiterate and unskilled and having been attracted to Europe by propaganda put out by organisations that get their funding from billionaire 'philanthropists' like George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg and various Rothschilds, they think they have the right to choose where they are settled. It has been alleged, with considerable evidence to support the notion, that fearing an erosion of their control as the educated working classes of the west rejected materialism, the social activism of these elistists is part of an agenda to fragment national communities and marginalise white Europeans and Americans.

The work of 'charitable foundations with which Soros is involved, such as Open Society Foundation, which promotes a borderless world but covertly sows the seeds of conflict,  International Rescue, another Soros funded operation which unfortunately shares a name with the fictional organisation Thunderbirds worked for in a 1960s TV puppet show, and Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, a group set up to advocate and support the resettlement of third-world Muslims into Europe and North America.  

It is any wonder then that uneducated migrants arriving without passports or work permits are under the impression they have been invited to Europe where, according to the propaganda, people like them are needed. This was the case with the people who rioted at the Italian Welcome Centre, located in the former headquarters of the Law School of the University of Mediterranean Studies in the Italian region of Reggio Calabria.

State and local police in riot gear, as well as members of the State Forestry Corps, assembled around the building in an attempt to negotiate with the migrants. Officials from the regional Immigration Bureau were also on the scene, trying to calm people down.
The migrants finally relinquished control of the center on Monday afternoon.

According to a member of the prefecture of Reggio Calabria, they simply have no more facilities to accommodate new arrivals, especially unaccompanied minors, a situation he has called “a true emergency.”


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