Thursday, August 04, 2016

Now Turkey's Lunatic Leader Wants To Start World War Three

 This blog has warned many times  that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an Islamist lunatic, a sponsor of teerrorist groups, profits from illegal trade with ISIS and sees his destiny as being the first Sultan of a new Islamic Caliphate. And so far his greatest ally every step of the way towards achieving that goal, from the day he became President of Turkey, has been Barack Hussein Obama.

Now we learn via news feeds that accoring to Russian military intelligence,  having used what was possibly a fake coup d'etat to seize total power in his own nation, Erdogan is travelling to Saudi Arabia in order to declare himself as the “leader” of ISIS and the entire Islamic world. The Russian Defence Department say that Erdogan plans on igniting a World War III between Russia and Nato (and its allies) so that he can establish a global caliphate. This is not a new story, but recent developments in Turkey and the middle east, along with Erdogan's planned visit to Saudi Arabia show the agenda is moving forward.

Sultan Erdogan The Magnificent (Image source: oneway2day)

According to a Kremlin report, Erdogan has claimed leadership of ISIS on the strength of a fatwa issued by Hayrettin Karaman, and an an entirely new constitution in Turkey which gives Erdogan the legal right to become an emir and establish his caliphate. reports:
With many Muslims in the world already calling Erdogan a “god”, this report continues, it is, also, critical to remember that his “main teacher” Hayrettin Karaman, who issued this fatwa, had previously, in 2009, been caught on a secret recording issuing another fatwa directly to Erdogan authorizing Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) to assassinate Turkish politician Muhsin Yazicioglu—and which in giving his reason to Erdogan as to why he was allowing this murder simply stated  “slaughter is obligatory”.
The Russian report also says the West is now becoming extremely concerned about Erdogan too, and as evidenced by the Wall Street Journal yesterday warning that Turkey has, over a period of a few weeks, gone from being viewed by Western government officials, media and academics as a valued member of NATO, a potential EU member state and a stabilising influence in the highly volatile middle eastern geopolitical area, to an active supporter and sponsor, of international terrorism. Erdogan's moves risk plunging NATO into armed conflict with Russia.

Speaking last year of the porous Turkey-Syria border too, this report further notes, US Vice President Joseph Biden let slip, in a moment of rare candor, that the biggest problem America was facing in confronting Islamic State terrorists was its own NATO ally Turkey—a true admission he was forced by President Obama to apologize for.

And even though the Obama regime keeps turning its face to hide from itself the crimes of Erdogan, this report warns, it may no longer be able to do so after US military supported Syrian Democratic Forces (a rebel alliance that includes the powerful YPG Kurdish militia comprising women troops and Arab rebel groups) this past weekend wrested control of the strategic Tishreen Dam from Islamic State terrorists on the Euphrates River—an action of victory against these terrorists that, nevertheless, prompted Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu a few hours ago to issue a warning to the Obama regime stating that “Turkey is closely following the situation in northern Syria’s Tishrin area, and will not let any hostile groups cross west of Euphrates.”

Turkey has long opposed advances by Syrian Kurdish forces, for fear this will lead to the creation of a Kurdish state on its border which in turn might encourage its own Kurdish minority, and which Erdogan views as the main threat to Turkey, not the Islamic State.

Erdogan’s hatred of Syria continues unabated, due to their leader Assad being a secular, Alawite and tolerant of Christians and other groups — and is in the way of Erdogan’s imperial vision (Syria was a part of the Ottoman Empire). Erdogan’s imperial vision however, this report notes, has clashed with (Orthodox Christian) Russia’s conservative reflexes—which President Putin understands the implications of the disruption of the regional balance entailed in Erdogan’s megalomaniac vision.


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