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Climate Hypocrites: 400 Private Jets Fly To Scotland For Save The Planet Climate Conference


The elitists currently gathered in Glasgow to yell at us about climate change and how we must all sit ans shiver as energy prices go stratospheric or drive pimped up golf trolleys are just total hypocrites.
These people who are flying in from all around the world to the COP 26 in their private jets and then motoring from the airport in motorcades of gas-guzzling limousines and SUVs are not here because they are concerned about the future but because they expect  to shortly be making billions out of you and me from the new 'green' technologies being promoted as the fourth industrial revolutions. The reason they are investing in all this new green technology is not environmental concerns, it is pure and simple greed, the driving force behind everything these 'billionaire philanthropists do. 
The bastards are pumping up the volume of the climate catastrophe narrative having softened us up with their 'deadly plague that doesn't kill very many people narrative,' because they hope to increase their own wealth and power and drive us long suffering taxpayers further towards a modern version of medieval serfdom. Why else would they all flying in? The members of this dysfunctional caste never do anything for any reason other than self interest. Look at how each philanthropic act by their "charitable founations" seems to increase their personal wealth and the values of their holdings exponentially.
What will be happening during the two weeks of COP26 that you will not see reported on television or in print news are the many meetings that will take place behind closed doors, in which deals between corporations, banks and government agencies will agree how our hard earnedf tax money will be handed out in order to benefit the banks, corporations and the bureaucrats. 

And it's going to be me and you that will have to pay for this green revolution that when forensically scrutinsed turns out to be a load of brown, smelly stuff.
The $48 million private jet of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos arriving in Glasgow for the COP26 Climate Conference - Picture: Jamie Williamson, Daily Mail
COP26 is not about Climate Change, it never has been about it. Poor deluded Prince Charlie might think it is, little Greta Thunberg might think it is, but these congenital idiots are just dupes. The conference is about how the rich can get even richer off the backs of us.
Some of you will scoff at my words, because your believe big government is your best friends. Have you any idea how much money stolen from poor little you and the billions like you and me has been shovelled by Big Government into the coffers of Big Pharma to keep their COVID pandemic and Vaccine Messiah narrative afloat.? Have you any idea how much of our hard earned is paid by Big Government to Big Tech social media corporations in return or access to the personal data they steal from all of us? 
You may smirk and call me a conspiracy theorist but remember my words when you come to buy your next car, and find how much cars have risen in price, or when you come to pay your next electricity bill and wince as you look at the bottom line because thanks to the irresponsible green policies of governments and the fake science of their climate science advisors, prices of raw energy are rocketing around the world. 
And remember also your bill for domestic fuel is already inflated by 15% for the Climate Change Levy (CCL) which is used to fund generous subsidies for operators of 'sustainable' generating stations (wind and solar farms,) because these wonderful new, green technologies are not capable of working economically without subsidy. They cannot compete for efficiency with coal and gas.   
Remember my warning when, in a few years, you come to buy a new boiler to heat your home and the only thing you will find available is a Heat Pump which is a glorified name for what is basically an Aircon Unit in rev(erse, prices start at £8,000 (about $10,400 or  €9,200 at today's exchange rates,) plus installation costs and  discover it will treble your annual electricity consumption should you be one of the lucky 20% whose home is suitable for this technology. 
Remember my warnings when you sit in your cold living rooms.
For the UK alone this Green agenda that is in store for us all is going to cost £1 trillion. To fund the green revolution the government will borrow from glbal financial institutions, and pay interest of approximately £35 billion per year, which works out at around £550 per year for every living human being in our nation to the global financial institutions that hold our bonds.
Yes, do your bit for the environment, using less plastic, along with making sure we all have a clean environment to live in. sort your rubbish out, paper, plastic bottles and such like. Recycling produces as much in CO2 emissions as making new (the solution is to avoid single use materials bring in resusable packaging, make clothes last longer and do your own cooking, thus you avoid putting toxic shite in your body and all that excessive packaging in the environment.
Plant a few trees or shrubs if you have a garden, they're insect friendly and if you plant apple, plum, cherry or pear (or anything else appropriate to the area you live, in warm climates you may even be able to harvest your own oranges. Once you have planted these fruit trees or bushes in gardens or pots you have free fruit for life. and they are healthier
However always remember, that, no matter what rhetorical scaremongering you hear spouted by loony Prince Charlie, Greta Thunderrbird, politicians, celebrities, scientists and other opportunists we will never stop climate change or even slow it down. WHY? Because for the 20,000 years we have been in a warming period and are due for a cooling period.
That's how it works. And believe me when that does happen you won't want to be alive because the cold kills faster than warmth. How do you grow food? Go on give it a try this winter see how you get on.
Think about this if you doubt my words. Apart from political leaderrs, billionaires, politicians, a few Popes and Princes from around the world, it's usually Climate Scientists (whatever they are,)who attend these Climate Conferences along with Climate science students, people from Greenpeace and the Wildlife Fund and gullible people from Green political parties. So why have over 400 billionaires who have never given a shit about Climate change? along with their staff flown into Glasgow? Well I hope I've made my point clear by now. IT'S THE MONEY.
Cobalt mining in Africa - Environment friendly (Picture: )
I'm all for looking after the environment but you never hear these Warmageddon cult converts talking about how many tons of bedrock have to be mined to produce one tone of cobalt (actually it's 1500 tons) then the orE has to be superheated, electrolysed and washed many times to separate and refine the cobalt, and the many kinds of toxic shite produced in or used by these processes is dumped in rivers, lakes and the sea.
Obtaining the few pounds of cobalt needed for an electric car's battery pack constitutes and ecological disaster for every car sold, so much so in fact that the whole process could not be carried out in the west which is why the stuff is mined in third world countries and processed in places like China and Russia where they con't give a flying fuck about COP26 or the Paris Accords or flat - face Thunberg.
But the elites are pushing electric cars because the sensible environmental laws of the past 30 or 40 ish years have resulted in mass produced cars being better built, cleaner running mor,e fuel efficient, and lasting a lot longer that the cars we were buying at the beginning of al this climate scaremongering.
The technology of electrics is a lot more opaque so planned obsolescence can be more easily built it. Soon our cars will be like our computers. The hardware will be good for many more years but we'll get told, sorry mate, your software is obsolete, it will cost more to upgrade than to buy a new car.

It's scams like that the elite use to fund their private jets and private islands. All the talk about saving the planet is bollocks, they're just grabbing more wealth and power for themselves.
As I have told you many times, Its bollocks my dears, all bollocks. 

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