Monday, December 04, 2006

Killjoymas - the favourite festival of The Bansturbators

This item was first posted back in 2005 (it had few page views for the next ten years because I used to use this blog only to get my new content elsewhere indexed rapidly - all that changed on 2014 however. But Christmas is approaching again so perhaps it is time to give it a revamp. It is interesting to note how the Politically Correct Thought Police have progressed from banning Christmas festivities on health and grounds to banning everything on the grounds that it might offend Muslims.

Following on from last weeks revelations about the Health and Safety Executive's plan to make sure all trees with the potential to fall over in high winds are properly managed with public safety the foremost consideration we bring you more news of Health and Safety fascism from the uber - jobsworths of Tower Hamlets Borough Council.

Last year these halfwit bureaucrats earned ridicule for banning all Merry Christmas type messages lest they offend the delicate sensibilities on non - Christians.

This year, with the complicity of Health and Safety Inspectors they have banned all wall and ceiling mounted decorations in all council premises because staff could be seriously injured while putting them up.


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