Saturday, August 23, 2014

UK Must Work With Assad To Combat ISIS? Laugh, I Nearly Shat

When Obama first called for military intervention in Syria, Cameron and Hollande were all for it and only public opinion in the west and Russian / Chinese Intransigence in the UN Security Council averted full scale war. I came in for a lot of flak for 'supporting the tyrant Assad when I suggested the last thing the west's troubled economies needed was another messy and unwinnable middle east war.

One person in particular, who in every comment informed me he 'worked in a university (but he never said what as - a janitor maybe)  seemed determined to convince me that the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt,  Syria and Ukraine - not to mention the African nations destabilised by actions of the FUKUS axis (France, United Kingdom and the United States) would rather live in the lawless chaos the western powers always seem to leave behind rather than the relative order maintained by the tyrants.

I warned him that on a long timeline I am always proved right (a lifetime of experience and I'm very well connected) and when I was, he would be mercilessly belittled.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Its Showtime!

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