Saturday, October 31, 2015

Judicial Handwashing on Transgender Issues

With so much attention focused on the situation in Syria and Europe's migrant crisis other issues have been pushed aside. One thing that deserves attention however is the obsession of the political 'left' with minority rights, an agenda we are sure they employ to divert attention from the dire economic and social problems faced by the developed nations.

Here's a story from Britain that echoes similar cases in the USA and Europe.

Tara Hudson, nice boobs, shame about the cock (image source)

Transgender woman Tara Hudson, a make up artist, jailed for violently assaulting a bar manager has been moved to a female prison after a judge said the Prison Service should reconsider making her serve her sentence in a male prison. The 26-year-old has lived as a woman most of her adult life and had years of reconstructive surgery, but is still legally a man and still has a penis and testicles. She was sent to HMP Bristol when handed a 12-week sentence for the assault.

The Prison Service declined to comment on the case, but said: "It is longstanding policy to place offenders according to their legally recognised gender. However, our guidelines allow room for discretion.”

On her appeal against the sentence being turned down by a panel of three Judges ruled she had a “worrying criminal record”, Judge Llewellyn Sellick, said he would welcome “further and sensitive consideration” of where she should serve her sentence, thus deflecting the difficult case back to prison officers.

Pontias Pilate is alive and well and living in Strangeways prison*.

I have seen a lot of hand wringing, breast beating (oops, pardon), wailing and gnashing of teeth over the likely fate of this transgender person (nice tits, shame about the dick) and surely someone who looks like the one on the left here would have a hard (oops pardon) time among a bunch of male convicts.
On the other hand nobody seems to give a damn about how the inmates of womens' prisons might feel about sharing the showers with someone who has a schlong.

And when judge's start washing their hands of the problem it seems political correctness is making people afraid to publicly agree with veteran feminist Germaine Greer when she says, "Having your dick lopped off does not make you a woman."

Well the screeching of the neo-fascist left might offend the eardrums, but they are an ineffectual lot really and should be pitied for their inability to think independently which causes them to follow every fad and jump on every passing bandwagon. We must not allow them to bully us into surrendering our right to free speech and freedom of thought.

And we should ask is it time to stop offering snip and tuck ops (and the reverse for women) on the National Health Service until officialdom has become deaf to the emotive whining of lefties and takes time to think through ALL the consequences for society of encouraging self mutilators to believe surgery can transform them from a man into a woman or vice versa.

Hormone treatments cannot grow a womb nor ovaries any more than they can grow testicles, only nature can do those things.

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