Thursday, December 31, 2015

German Police Admit They Have Lost Control Of Immigrant ‘Problem Neighbourhoods’

Migrant gangs clash in Germany - over who gets to gang rape the virgin maybe? (Image source)

The emergence of Muslim dominated 'no-go' zones or “problem neighbourhoods” or “lawless neighbourhoods” for police and emergency services in Germany over the course of 2015, as a result of the Politically Correct immigration policies of Hausfrau - Volksfuher Merkel has made law enforcement impossible in some areas, according to the latest police reports out of Berlin.

This admission of the existence of no-go zones in Europe, after months of denials from mainstream media and political leaders in Germany, Sweden, France and EU bureaucrats comes from state police in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), a west German state that borders Belgium and the Netherlands. An inquiry led by a Christian Democratic (CDU) politician into the problems of policing immigrant communities has prompted an embarrassing admission of failure by local police to control the situation.

In Federal Germany, state police are responsible for local law enforcement, but can call upon Federal police and appeal to neighbouring states for support. The CDU parliamentary deputy Gregor Golland’s inquisition reveals 78 per cent of all regional authorities within the NRW state have had to bring in external re-enforcements this year due to migrant criminal gangs, reports the Rheinische Post.

Migrant crime in the North Rhine - Westphalia is blamed on criminal gangs from the Lebanon, Poland, and Serbia, which have defied police attempts to infiltrate them. One NRW detective said that these 'family' ties borne of ethnicity, cultural bonds and religious affiliation make suspects reluctant to speak to police, and investigators routinely encountered a code of silence during interrogations.

But the Westphalian gangs are “certainly only the tip of the iceberg” in terms of immigrant crime, said the detective. These criminals acted with uncommon brutality towards police and ethnic German crime victims, he said. Officers complain they often leave the no - go areas "bruised and battered" having been roughed up by gangs of young men who vastly outnumber them.

As we have reported previously, German Federal politicians and the politicised federal police have issued instructions that policing must be 'racially sensitive' and nothing should be done if there is a risk it will inflame racial tensions. In other words the gangs have carte blanche to do as they please. No wonder rape crime figures in Germany are setting records month after month.

CDU deputy Gregor Golland has criticised the political establishment in NRW for allowing this state of affairs for developing, where “criminal parallel societies are seeking the upper hand, or those already solidifying”. He said police must be better equipped to deal with the problem. High-profile woman police officer Tania Kambouri remarked on the subject during an interview this month, as she discussed the lack of respect young Muslim men displayed towards their new home, its people, culture and traditions and the officers who keep the law in it.

Stating that young Muslim men proudly proclaim they "shit on Germany", Mrs. Kambouri said police had already lost control in some areas of the country. The officer also expressed concern that anyone who brought up these issues was instantly discredited by being denounced as a “Nazi”.

This will be coming to your streets and outside your door soon. But if try to initiate a debate on such issues you're a RAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST.

The idiocy the state and media inflicts on European people is nothing more than a war crime as they are expected to still believe that this is a humanitarian issue so they do not have the moral courage to recognise that they have been betrayed. And you wont find any of this in the mainstream media. Today the Guardian has rolled out the anti white supremacist Darcus Howe to castigate Letwin's remarks he made 30 years ago regarding the decapitation of PC Blakelock in the Tottenham riots. If a white person published the kind of racist shite Howe regularly spouts they would be charged with hate crime

In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell

And lest any left wing idiot should be thinking of excusing the crimes of Muslim migrants, here's a reminder of recent past atrocities carried out in the name of "The Religion Of Peace."

From 1915 – 1923, some 1.5 million Christians were brought through what is now Turkey and walked to their deaths near Deir-al-Zour in modern Syria. One hundred years on, only a handful of survivors remain to tell the stories of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Turkish Muslims, which they witnessed.

Warning, linked page contains horrific photos of young Christians girls crucified.

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