Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sarah Palin Is Back. Good News Or Bad News For Satirical Bloggers.

In a twist worthy of Game Of Thrones, Presidential hopeful Donald Trump yesterday married Cersei Baratheon (nee Lannister) recruited to his campaign the former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Some say it may boost support for Trump among likely Republican voters especially in the mid west where Protestantism is a powerful persuader, but in the long run could harm the Republicans chances of winning the presidency.

Hang on, I thought, she has only endorsed him, he hasn't named her as his running mate. Others are saying the move signals the end of the Tea Party, although that too is crazy because this Tea Party never existed.

For myself, while I acknowledge that Mrs Palin's politics are whacko as ever and she has put on quite a lot of weight thus not looking as good as she did, if the lady who can see Russia from her house takes an active role in the campaign she can only add to the fun. I did warm to Mrs Palin somewhat in 2008 after having built an absurdist blog post around her during the campaign, in which I had her taking the newly elected John McCain to Alaska for a weekend break and losing him under the ice on a fishing trip after, Mister Magoo like, he blundered into an ice hole.

For presenting the bumbling vice pres candidate as a scheming soap virago on the lines of Joan Collins in Dynasty, I was subjected to a hate attack from 'Liberals'.

"You shouldn't be presenting her as funny and interesting, you should be telling the world what an evil person she is," they screeched. Well anyone who was hated so much by such contemptible people couldn't be all bad, I thought. And then the same people tried to tell me that Michelle Obama was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Since then I have not been able to take any Obama supporter seriously.

And then the opposition was Obama, the man from nowhere who has no past. Things I discovered bout him on the dark web (I had a UNIX machine in my office - not a company asset but my own, I was always self employed - made me sure he would be an incompetent president, a neo - con puppet and a war monger) told me forget the lookalike, the real Mr Magoo would be a better president. The Liberals, contrary to the famous dream of one of their heroes, had made the mistake of judging a candidate by the colour of his skin rather than the quality of his character.

Not that Obama had much character to judge he was a vacuum and apart from rumours which would have finished a white candidate, there was nothing. One of his main backers however, a Bilderberger, neo - Nazi German billionaire who specialisis in building tax evasion vehicles for corporate clients, should have worried everybody.

So as a UK blogger who has no vote in the US election, Sarah Palin became my favorite (although when some controversy about a pipeline became an issue I did have fun speculating that if Obama / Biden won it would be build from a bourbon distillery direct to the Vice President's Office.

So this blog says GO Sarah, we need a few laughs from the campaign.


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