Wednesday, March 30, 2016

French, Belgians, Dutch, Italians Follow Britain in Euroscepticism

OK all you lawful rebels, time to stop deluding yourselves that sharing Facebook memes makes you into revolutionaries. Britain has awakened Europe to the fascistic, anti - democratic nature of the European Union and its ruling Bureaucrats. The rest of Europe's downtrodden masses are looking to us to take up our pitchforks and cudgels and follow the footsteps of Wat Tyler, Dick Puddlecote and John Ball to London, kick the elitists up the arse and then carry on to Brussels and give the wannabe bureaucratic dictators what they deserve.

Eurosceptic MEPs demonstrate after EU bureaucrats decide to Ignore the Irish refrendum vote to veto The Lisbon Treaty which stripped member states of sovereign rights and transferred power to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels

Asked whether the EU has more advantages than disadvantages, only 26 percent of French and Italians and 25 percent of the Dutch and Belgians surveyed said EU membership was positive, in a further sign of growing Euroscepticism within the EU.

The stark results of the poll by Elabe, carried out for French news site Atlantico, show a massive rise in Euroskepticism within the EU — with all four studies showing greater dissatisfaction with the EU than Britain, which is holding an In-Out referendum on its EU membership in June. Read more >>>

There it is, Europeans want us British to lead them out of Europe. Don't be fooled by project fear, the European Union (aka the Euronazi Federal Superstate) is falling apart. There will not be chaos if we leave, there will be chaos if we stay. Today we have seen those alternative media pundits, myself included, who showed that the collapse of the British steel industry is the fault of the EU, contradicted. The EU tried to impose tariffs to stop the Chinese dumping steel and it was the British government who stopped them, the leftist media, politicians and economics academic whores said.

That's a less-than-half-truth, a great example of the way bureaucrats work, the statement contains just enough truth to prevent people demonstrating it is a blatant lie, but omits far more information than it gives us. Yes, under pressure from member states with steel making industries the EU did offer a sort of solution, but no it would not have saved European steel makers. The case is you see, steel producers in Europe are not uncompetitive because we can't produce steel as well as the far east, we are uncompetitive because the EU's crazy green energy policy and restrictive employment regulations would, were far east steel imports made more expensive by tariffs, would simply prompt global manufacturers to move not only steel making but motor manufacturing and other industries that use steel offshore.

Trade wars are not good, but the people who support free trade and open borders are also the ones who, with no sense of irony, are screeching about climate change. Forget globalisation, think about over - consumption. If we contract the major economies, make our stuff last longer, focus on building things to last rather than planned obsolescence, Carbon Dioxide emissions (which are irrelevant) will automatically reduce so the climate Nazis can STF up, but better, we will magincally reduce the amount of toxic shire we dump into the environment (and that is relevant).

So rather than importing steel to build cars and stuff in the EU, we would import cars and things built outside the EU for the benefit of the few people who still had jobs and could afford such luxuries as a small tin of soup to feed the whole family.

Tariffs worked before globalisation only because tariffs applied across the board and it was not easy to relocate an industry. Start applying tariffs selectively when businesses have plenty of options to circumvent them, and it is the middle and working classes who are hit. The rich of course simply move themselves offshore. Now the only way protectionism could work is if we leave the EU and regain control of our lawmaking. So off we go to Brussels lads. Or you could just summon up your testicular fortitude, ignore the scaremongering and vote OUT.


Teresa (the Appeaser) May facing Tory revolt amid signs she’s pushing for softest Brexit possible

Theresa May is facing yet another cabinet revolt, as hardline Brexiteers in the Conservative Party are reportedly furious at her apparent desire for the UK to stick to EU regulation and have our courts answerable to EU Judges post-Brexit.

Turkey, EU Exploit Syrian Refugee Crisis: Create New ‘Slave Trade’
So how is that deal between the EU and Turkey to control the flow of illegal immigrants into europe playing out. Well as expected Tutkeys gangster president is doing little to slow the tide, but like all blackmailers is making more demands. And the EU look like giving in; well what do the bureaucrats care, it's only taxpayers money.

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