Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bombs Kill 33 at Busy Baghdad Markets

We might go quiet on long running stories such as the war against ISIS and Islamic extremism in Syria and Iraq sometimes, but that does not mean they have gone away. Let's face it, rebel terrorists and government troops shoot at each other, if we posted the story day after day, would not make very good reading. And as there have been no sensational headlines about a surrender by one side or the other, or a decisive breakthrough, readers are capable of working out for themselves that nothing has changed.

Until something like a story than came in today enables us to give you a new angle on the middle east conflict. What is happening it seems is that faced by Iraqi and Syrian government forces galvanised by elite troops from Iran, ISIS have opted for the classic terrorist tactic of dispersing into the general population and maintaining the terror level they need by striking unexpectedly at vulnerable targets.

A while ago, we reported, with jaws slack in astonishment, on Barack Obama claiming on of the successes of his Presidency in 2015 was the way he had delivered peace in Syria. At the time the fighting in western Syria was at its height, as Syrian and Iranian ground troops, backed by Russian air strikes, destroyed the last ISIS and Free Syrian Army units around the city of Aleppo, while the war with ISIS in the north and east still rages to this day.

And the Obama administration's efforts against Islamic extremism in Iraq is not doing much good either. NBC reports:

An outdoor market in a majority-Shiite neighborhood in Baghdad was struck by a car bomb Tuesday, killing at least 28 people and injuring an additional 65. Meanwhile, a second bomb in another neighborhood market killed five and reportedly wounded 15. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, but the bombs resembled ISIS-planned explosions carried out last week.

The attack was carried out with an explosives-laden car that was parked nearby. Speaking on condition of anonymity as he wasn't authorized to speak to reporters, a police officer told The Associated Press that the explosion in the northeastern Shaab neighborhood also wounded up to 65 people.

A second car bombing at a fruit-and-vegetable market in the Iraqi capital's southern Dora neighborhood also killed at least five people and wounded 15 others.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for either of the attacks, which bore the hallmarks of ISIS.

The blasts follow the bloodiest week in Baghdad this year. ISIS claimed a series of bombings in and around the capital last week that killed 100 people and sparked popular anger against the government for failing to ensure security.

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