Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Over 10% of Germans Believe Country Needs Fuhrer

According to a public opinion poll published today, over10 percent of Germans think their country needs a fuhrer-like leader, who will rule with an iron hand, the study by the University of Leipzig said.

A total of 10.6 percent of 2,420 respondents agreed with the statement "We must have a fuhrer, who will rule with an iron hand for common prosperity." Almost 15 percent more said that they partially agree and partially disagree with the statement.

Slightly more than 8 percent of people who took part in the exercise said that national socialism has positive aspects with more than 20 percent having no opinion on the issue. Six percent of respondents said that from their point of view the crimes of national socialism were widely exaggerated.

The survey also indicated that 12 percent of the people polled believed that the Germans are naturally superior to other nations. Now there's a surprise. Oi Fritz, two World Wards and one World Cup.

The study observed that the number of people with far right sentiment has changed little since 2014 but added that radical groups show more support for violence as a tool for protecting their interests.


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