Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rise In Intercommunity Confrontations Mean "Civil War Is Inevitable" In France According To State Officials

In the wake of the latest Islamic terrorist outrage in Nice, some state officials in France are warning that if the government does not act to suppress Islamic extremist and regain control of immigrant areas in the cities there will be civil war. The nice attack, in which a Tunisian born French citizen drove a twenty tonne truck into crowds celebration Bastille Day in the costal town of Nice, left over 80 dead and many seriously injured. Like the Charlie Hedbo Massacre and Bataclan terrorist massacres in 2015, the perpetrators were living in France but Islamic State were involved at several levels.

Rise In Intercommunity Confrontations Mean "Civil War Is Inevitable" In France According To State Officials

As France reels after the Nice attack, in Paris the true extent of the horror perpetrated last November is revealed.
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