Friday, September 16, 2016

Now This Is Really Invading People's Safe Space

Not the usual kind of post from Boggart Abroad but most news is so depressing at the moment we just had to share this hilariously scatalogical item.


Yolande Pgoba - The Phantom raspberry blower of Lumb Lane

A woman has received a lifetime ban from a Bradford bus company after repeatedly breaking wind in their vehicles. On one occasion a driver was physically sick.

Bradford Magistrates Court heard how Yolande Pogba, aged 48 from Lumb Lane, Bradford revelled in what she was doing and on most occasions would bend over to create the maximum impact.

On 18th June 2016, Mrs Pogba (pictured) boarded a packed bus at Bradford Interchange and crouched next to an elderly gentleman. As the bus set off, she let off an excruciating sound from her bottom. Mrs Pogba, clearly impressed with her actions then shouted "Some bastard has squashed a Frog"

The bus company recorded 148 separate incidents. On the 22nd June, she boarded a bus in Holmewood and forced her way into the drivers cab, repeatedly breaking wind, cupping her hands and rubbing the atrocious smell into the drivers face until he was sick.

Solicitor Rick Head, representing Mrs Pogba asked for the court to be sympathetic "My client is addicted to Jamaican Rum and kidney beans and unfortunately this brings out the worst in her personality and makes her bottom talk"

The court fined Mrs Pogba £375 and ordered her to pay £20 compensation to the bus driver - Mr Bob Aloo Bhuna. She was also sentenced to 120 hours community service.

Was justice done? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.


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