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Latest Clinton Email Shock Not From Wikileaks or DC Leaks But The FBI

The latest release of the Clinton (Podesta) emails from Wikileaks shows yet more incontrovertible evidence of unlawful activity by the Democratic Party presidential candidate or by her associates acting on behalf of her campaign or The Clinton Foundation with her knowledge and approval.

The most shocking revelations from the latest batch has been overshadowed by news of the FBI decision to reopen the investigation into the case of the  notorious private email server Hillary and her staff used to avoid public scrutiny of activities while she was Secretary of State, that constituted at the very least conflicts of interest and in some cases such as the one reported below, of flagrant law breaking.

WikiLeaks SHOCKER: Federal Election Law BROKEN. CONFIRMED!

The law is clear on this issue.
There is no grey area. Hillary’s Campaign cannot spin this. This will force her to stand trial.
Under no circumstances is it legal for a Campaign to collude with a SuperPac, on any level, under any circumstances.
Priorities USA is the largest Democrat SuperPac in existence. They are, as some would say, “the largest Democrat gorilla in the PAC jungle.”
A key player in this story is a person named Avie Glazer. Glazer is one of the top donors to a fund called the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF.) Donors can contribute mountains of cash to HVF. Some have called it a slush fund, as large sums of cash are often distributed to the Democrat National Committee and various campaigns.
Take a look at this graphic:
Again, campaigns are not allowed to collude with SuperPacs like Priorities USA.
Enter WikiLeaks.
The following “reminder” email reveals that the writer, named Latham, advised the Campaign Chairman that Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) was to meet with Priorities USA SuperPAC (Priorities) along with Avi Glazer, also known as Avram Glazer and the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF.)
A meeting of this nature is illegal. HRC cannot meet with a SuperPAC.

Read more:

The real bombshell of the day however was the FBI's notification to congress that it is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server may well cause the Democratic presidential candidate to lose the election, her reputation and her freedom. As to the condition of her appendix, we'll just have to guess, since no one knows the state of her deteriorating health.
And then we have FBI director James Comey, who may well be on his way to losing his office, his seat and his reputation. (I have no information on the status of his appendix.)
And how bizarrely ironic is it that Comey -- who lost considerable credibility a couple of months ago for building an iron-clad case against Clinton only to let her off the hook -- is now reopening her case based not on Russian espionage or Julian Assange's WikiLeaks, but on Anthony Weiner's electronic sex life?
This will not bring honor and glory to J. Edgar Hoover's venerable crime-fighting organization. Comey's announcement, by the way, follows hot on the heels of the revelation that Clinton pal and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe channeled near $500,000 into the failed state senate campaign of Jill McCabe, who is the wife of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, who helped oversee the agency's investigation into Clinton's private email server. And let it be known that Hillary Clinton helped raise $1 million for McAuliffe's PAC.
Did any of these connections have anything to do with Clinton's getting off scot free from a criminal indictment? Nah.
But wait, could it be that Donald Trump's accusation that the system is rigged is correct after all?

Hillary Holds 4 Minute Press Conference: Demands "Full And Complete Facts" From FBI

Hillary Clinton's initial response to the FBI reopening of their investigation into her email security scandal was given in a brief, 3 minute 47 second address to the press. Playing the arrogant elitist to the very end, Hillary attacked the FBI, said that she hopes that whatever information the Bureau has will be shared with the American people and that the FBIU will 'reveal all the facts' and added that she is confident that no charges will be brought against her by the FBI, while taking the opportunity to ask people to go out and vote for her.

At the brief press event Hillary took three questions which some have mockingly said were drafted and/or preapproved by Clinton campaign direction of communications Jennifer Palmier.
"We are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes," Clinton said during the brief press conference in Des Moines, Iowa. "Voting is already underway in our country, so the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately."

Mrs Clinton seems to have conveniently forgotten that the secret server scandal would not have been half as damaging had she not gone to ridiculous lengths to avoid releasing any facts regarding the overlap between her duties as Secretary of State and fundraising for The Clinton Foundation.

Hillary revealed that the FBI had not contacted her before or since Comey sent his letter to lawmakers Friday afternoon, informing them that the investigation was to be reopened.
"So we don't know the facts, which is why we are calling on the FBI to release all the information that it has," she said. "Even Director Comey noted that this new information may not be significant, so let's get it out."

What we think may be significant is that when questioned under oath on emails relating to government business that had been held on her private server, and later deleted on instructions from Clinton even though they were the subject of a court order (fortunately the deleted mails were recoverable), she said all emails relating to government business had been handed over to security agencies. If the emails found on Tony Weiner's electronic devices prove to relate to government affairs, clearly Hillary has lied under influence, as tracking shows they were sent via her secret server to the husband of a prominent staffer in order to avoid having then logged on a secured government network.

Comey's letter said that the FBI was reviewing pertinent emails that it found in an unrelated investigation, but did not reveal much more than that. Republicans and the GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump quickly pounced on the news. 

Clinton was asked about a New York Times report that said the FBI had found the new emails in its separate investigation into Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal.
“We’ve heard these rumors,” she said “We don’t know what to believe. And I'm sure there will be even more rumors. That’s why it’s incumbent on the FBI to tell us what they're talking about, Jeff. Your guess is as good as mine and I don't think that’s not good enough.”

Hillary's statement was similar to what Tim Kaine said earlier: it's "very, very troubling" that the FBI is releasing information about a new probe into emails that may relate to Hillary Clinton just 11 days before the election. The Democratic vice presidential nominee is commenting on the development in an interview with Vice News.  Kaine says the FBI director needs to provide more details on the situation. He suggests it's troubling that members of the press are finding out information before campaign officials. Kaine's comments in turn echo the a statement made by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, and thus by Hillary.


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