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The Rise Of Populism: an Explainer

It was obvious to anyone who has done even a little reading in the field of political philosophy that Barack Obama was a Marxist, not an economic Marxist but a political or cultural Marxist, whose thinking like that of The Frankfurt School and Saul Alinsky was based more on Marx's other book, The Communist Manifesto than on his impractical but good-looking-on-paper economic theories in Das Kapital. In fact, with its focus on the subjugation of the individual to the all powerful central state authority it can be argued that all Marx did was take the social structure of Zionism and replace God with The State.

If that is correct it would go some way to explaining the weird, oppressive laws enacted (by executive order, the democratic equivalent of rule by Imperial Decree,) in the United States during the final months of the Obama administration, not just by the outgoing president, Emperor and Pontifex Maximus Barack Hussein Obama, but by state legislatures in those states traditionally dominated by the Democratic party. As one would expect in California, the world capital of 'progressive' craziness a plethora of new and oppressive laws come into effect as Governor Moonbeam extends the reach of government into the lives of the states people and even animals, and a bizarre new law took effect in Illinois which required hairdressers to obtain training in domestic abuse prevention. 

Hairdressers as domestic abuse coulsellors? WTF?. The basis of the idea is the state would take advantage of the confidential relationship between a woman and her hairdresser to spot the symptoms of control frwakery or even violent abuse and guide the victim toward the embracing arms of agencies of government where she will be made dependent for life by a far more subtle form of abuse that is designed to convince its victims they cannot survive without support.

While not yet fully implemented this daft idea is now part of the qualification process for anyone seeking to become a hairdresser in Illinois and whichever other US states adopt the policy (the usual suspects being California, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and the north east we guess.)

What level of training hover the great and good of Illinois decided is appropriate to enable people to fulfil this complex and sensitive role, you might well ask. Anyone who wants to keep their job as a hairdresser will be required to undergo one hour of training every two years. His / her / zur ability to wield comb, scissors, hairdryer etc. being unchanged, the loss potential earnings should he / she / ze be stipped of the license to weild such weapons of mass beautification in order to provide a service as part of a commercial transaction clearly not seen as an injustice in the bizarro would of Cultural Marxism.

While Cultural Marxist are fond of babbling about the utopian dreams of Marx and followers who believe a perfect world would ensue if only people would stop being indiviuals, stop living for themselves and learn to 'live for each other' to use an often quoted and rarely understood phrase. In order to be able to help others we must first help ourselves. A rarely quoted comment on Cultural Marxism that I believe should be shouted from the rooftops is the warning the Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin gave Marx in 1870(ish) when he predicted that a Socialist or Communist government would quickly become more oppressive that the old absolute monarchies of Europe. Bakunin has been proved right in every nation where communism has been tried and even in democratic nations, elected governments of socialist parties have quickly developed authoritarian tendencies.

The rise of populism, symbolised by the victory of Donald Trump in the US election and the result of the UK's referendum on whether we should remain in the increasingly authoritarian vand federalist European Union isn’t the politics of rejecting the policies of politicians and experts, it is in fact a total rejection of the kind of “experts” who, having spent all their lives in schools and universities filling their head with theory and book - learning, feel themselves qualified to pontificate on a subject of which they have an almost total lack of understanding; life.

Such experts deserve more than voters' contempt disdain.
Educational qualifications and endorsement from state agencies are now seen by a growing proportion of the global population as measures of incompetence and a bureaucratic obsession with process and procedure and pedantic devotion to pointless rules and regulations. Qualifications it seems, nothing at all to do with intellectual capacity apart from objectivity. It isn’t the denial of reasoned argument but rather the logical end of it.

Thus we have come to a state where on one side we have the people who are not part of 'The State' and are intelligent (in many different ways), creative and self reliant, and the ones who have embedded themselves in the suffocating grip of bureaucracy and have lost the power to think critically and reason objectively and have become dependent on process and procedure, rules and regulations.


Electoral Reform in Britain - Is It Time for True Proportional Representation?

After every British election, when around a quarter of voters find the party they voted for is hardly represented in the House Of Commons (In 2015, 8 per cent of the votes equals just 8 of the 650 members, while a party with 13% has just one), people who believe in democracy try to start a debate about reforming the voting system. And as ever, supporters of the two main parties, which benefit most from the current undemocratic system, try to stifle debate.

Globalization and the Retrun To Serfdom

When the power elites promise something that will benefit people everywhere it can be taken what the world will get is the opposite. Thus when we were told globalisation would make everybody more prosperous, abolish poverty and narrow the gap between rich and poor, only a fool would have failed to regognize what was on offer comprised a return to medieval poverty and servitude for the masses while the rich became richer.

Mediterranean Immigrant Crisis - EU plays politics with lives

The story of the migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean from the coast of north Africa to Italy is a humanitarian crisis. But when the British government offered Royal Navy ships to help with rescue operations and in bringing to justice the ruthless criminals who take exhorbitant feees then put hundreds of lives at risk by herding their clients onto unseaworthy, overloaded boats, European Union officials started to attach political conditions to UK help

Child Abuse Cover Up In Sheffield Biggest So Far?

Sheffield and Rotherham sit next to each other in the old steel making area of South Yorkshire. Rotherham has already given us a major scandal when the cover up by police and local coucil officials of massive organised abuse of young girls in the local authority care system, and the pressures that were put of people who tried to demand a proper investigation of these crimes by politically correct Labour politicians and party managers was revealed

The Left Are So Hopeless They Can't Even Sneer Properly

Yesterday's by election in the Kent constituency of Rochester and Strood produced the expected victory for UKIP, the expected humiliation for the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties. The Biggest disaster however was a Labour own goal own scored by Labour's Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry

Latest neo-nazi-Liberal Outrage - The Criminalization Of ParenthoodClassical liberalism is about freedom of individuals, about tolerance of diversity and even eccentricity and about resising the cultural hegemony of unelected elites. Contemporary liberalism, with its pseudo religious dogmas, intolerance of dissent and contempt for the traditions of society is the very opposite of anything the world liberal can be stretched to mean. The war on parents is a symptom of this authoritarian 'liberal' disease

Will Bilderberg End Privacy As We Know It? Agenda Suggests The Elite Will Know Everything About You

The sinister and secretive Bilderberg Group are meeting in Copenhagen this week (June 1 -8, 2014). Forced by pressure from new media and public opinion to reveal some details of its proceedings the group, the existence of which was denied from it's inauguration in 1952 to the beginning of the current century, seems set on a course of increasing surveillance of private individuals legitimate activities. It seems the less of a threat you pose to society, they more these bastards feel they can exploit your very natural fears. It is not al Qaeda you need to fear, but the elite.

Here's How Working Class Organisations Out Of Which the Labour Movement Grew Were Hijacked By Elitist Control Freaks.

A while ago I posted an article on the new elite, the meritocracy they like to call themselves although they are of no more merit than the old aristocracy whose role they have tried to usurp. The the aristocrats they thing they are a higher order of being than the masses. The evidence (and these science fans love evidence) suggests otherwise

Racism And The Left: According To Many (White) Left Wind Idiots, For A White Person To Breathe Is Racist

We have posted many articles on the intellectual bankruptcy and reliance on fascist tactics of the supporters of left wing politics. This came to a festering, supperating head in the campaign for the European Parliament elections when anybody who opposed the left's politically correct, globalist agenda was smeared as a racist. It was a shick to the left to find voters did not agree with them and in fact considered the lefties bigots and bullies. Now the soul searching begins

Feeling Sorry For Labour Supporters After ealing Comedy Party Political Broadcast - There's A First

A lot of people, on hearing that I don't like the Conservative are quite shocked to learn that I despise The Labour Party even more. Are we really turning into a nation of Sheeple. The only reason I have been writing blog posts supporting UKIP is because they offer the only chance of breaking the grip of the different-in-name-only parties and returning britain to Parliamentary Democracy

Feeling Sorry For Labour Supporters After ealing Comedy Party Political Broadcast - There's A First

A lot of people, on hearing that I don't like the Conservative are quite shocked to learn that I despise The Labour Party even more. Are we really turning into a nation of Sheeple. The only reason I have been writing blog posts supporting UKIP is because they offer the only chance of breaking the grip of the different-in-name-only parties and returning britain to Parliamentary Democracy

US Democrats Plan To Hijack Democracy

The issue at the top of the liberal agenda is immigration. They know that if they can grant amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, those immigrants will eventually be allowed to vote. Guess who they’ll vote for? Yeah, Democrats. Republicans will never again win an election. Liberals have denied on many occasions that their ultimate intention is voting rights. They have claimed many times

Don't Call Me a Conspiracy Theorist

It has become the habit of the self styled 'progressive left' to shout conspiracy theorist whenever anybody very reasonably suggests they are being duped by the dark forces of corporate fascism, that their favoured brand of collectivism is not in any way liberal but in fact will lead to an oligarchic tyranny similar to the big brother regime depicted in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty Four and that far from being theoretical, conspiracies are verey real and exercising much more influence on our lives than the unimaginative lefties would ever believe.

Left Wing Intellectuals Have Always Despised The Masses

Have you noticed that the professional hand wriners of the left have shifted their focus from 'the poor' to minorities. They did not succeed in abolishing poverty so whaty's going on? Simples. The intellectual left having elected themselves to speak for the poor found the poor were able to speakl for themselves and resented posh pokenoses pontification about matters of which understanding cannot be gained by reading books. This article exposes the hypocrisy of the left ...

The Left's War On Family Life

Since before the 1970s, since before the communists overthrew the Tsar in Russia, since the day Kark Marx condemnede faily life in his Communist Manifesto, the left or 'progressive left' as they now style themselves has been making war on family life and promoting the usurpation of the role of parents by the agencies of the state.

Electoral Reform in Britain - Is It Time for True Proportional Representation?

World View Theory

A Song Of Servitude
A Chronicle Of Decay

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