Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Trump Slams Britain's Brexit Deal

US President Donald Trump has warned Britain “may not be able to trade with the US” because of Theresa May’s Brexit deal in comments that could torpedo her hopes of winning Parliament’s backing.

Mr Trump said the agreement Mrs May reached with Brussels on Sunday “sounds like a great deal for the EU” as he urged the Prime Minister to think again.

The President’s intervention flies in the face of Mrs May’s claims that Britain will be able to strike free trade deals around the world after Brexit despite her concessions to the EU.

The timing could hardly have been worse for Mrs May, coming after she had spent hours in the Commons trying to convince MPs that her deal was the right one for Britain.

It hands her critics a powerful weapon as she begins a two-week election-style campaign to sell her deal to the public and save her premiership.

Love him or hate him, (and I'm indifferent,) Trump is right. Theresa May keeps talking aout 'after Brexit,' but her deal does not deliver Brexit, it simply moves the most contentious isues, fishing waters, the Irish border and Gibraltar out of the picture until after (appropriately) April 1, 2019. We cease to be members of the EU on Friday 29 March and on Monday 1 April we open for business as an EU vassal state.
And a vassal state we will continue to be until those three issues are resolved on terms the EU is willing to accept (i.e. total surrender.)

And if one reads the current draft agreement that parliament must vote on, as a vassal state we can't even fart without the EU's permission, let alone make bilateral trade deals.

Having said that, nobody should build up hopes of a favourable trade deal with the USA, nations that make "fair and equitable" trade deals with the US government generally find themselves holding the brown, smelly end of the stick.

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