Saturday, December 18, 2021

We Told You So

18 December 2021 

Moderna boss:
"mRNA jabs are 'rewriting the Genetic Code' we call it information therapy, we're hacking the software of life.

All the chemistry nerds in high school are getting their revenge on society.

Fortunately for those of us prescient enough to understand that anything government says is good for us must in fact be bad for us and thus research the vaccines, science now proves what we said regarding how mRNA techniques actually work in our bodies. Avoiding the vaccines was a really smart move, (but for those who rushed off to get the vaccine without considering the flakiness of the whole pandemic narrative, tough luck guys, be more careful about what you believe in fut ...... oh erm, well have a good Chritsmas, it's only a few days off, you should make it with luck.)

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