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Daily Roundup Of COVID Crime Stories - 14 January 2022

MENU:  [ Fully Vaccinated Australians In Hospital For COVID-19 Surpass Unvaccinated ] ... [ MIT Scientist Warns Of Crippling Brain Disease ] ... [ China's Forced Lockdowns As Causing Residents To Starve ] ... [Editor-in-Chief of Germany’s Top Newspaper Apologizes for Fear-Driven COVID Coverage ] ... [ Restaurants to stay closed as Dutch relax Covid restrictions ]

Fully Vaccinated Australians In Hospital For COVID-19 Surpass Unvaccinated

from Blacklisted News

For the first time, New South Wales (NSW) has seen more fully vaccinated patients hospitalised with COVID-19 compared to the number of unvaccinated patients as the Omicron outbreak continues to edge toward its peak.

Data published by the NSW government’s COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit has revealed that as of Jan. 9, 68.9 percent of COVID-19 patients aged 12 and over in hospitals had two doses of the vaccine, with 28.8 percent unvaccinated.

The number of double-dose vaccinated patients in intensive care units (ICUs) also surpassed those of the unvaccinated, with 50.3 percent of the vaccinated presenting to ICU with COVID-19, more than the 49.1 percent who are unvaccinated.

However, based on the data presented, unvaccinated individuals appear to be six times more likely to be hospitalised and nearly 13 times more likely to be sent to ICU than those who are fully vaccinated.

This is considering that the number of unvaccinated patients appears to be over-represented in the figures—7.3 percent of the NSW population aged 12 and over at the time were unvaccinated, but they made up half of the COVID-19 ICU patients in the NSW Health system. At present Australia does not permit alternative treatment approaches utilised and available in other countries, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. ... Continue reading >>>


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  from Childrens Health Defender

MIT Scientist Warns of ‘Crippling’ Neurodegenerative Disease in Young People Who Get COVID Shots

Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., senior research scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, told Fox News vaccinating young people for COVID may cause serious neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

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Giving young people COVID vaccines will likely cause an “alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases,” Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. told Fox News today.

It’s “outrageous” to vaccinate young people for COVID because they have a “very low risk” of dying from the virus, said Seneff, senior research scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“When you look at the potential harm from these vaccines, it just doesn’t make any sense,” Seneff said. “And repeated boosters are going to be very devastating in the long term.”

Seneff told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham she’s done “a lot of research” to help her understand how COVID vaccines can lead to neurodegenerative diseases later on in life.

“It’s very disturbing,” she said.

According to Seneff’s research:

“[B]oth the mRNA vaccines and the DNA vector vaccines may be a pathway to crippling disease sometime in the future. Through the prion-like action of the spike protein, we will likely see an alarming increase in several major neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, CKD, ALS and Alzheimer’s, and these diseases will show up with increasing prevalence among younger and younger populations, in years to come.

“Unfortunately, we won’t know whether the vaccines caused this increase because there will usually be a long time separation between the vaccination event and the disease diagnosis.”

That latter point, Seneff said, is “very convenient for the vaccine manufacturers, who stand to make huge profits off of our misfortunes — both from the sale of the vaccines themselves and from the large medical cost of treating all these debilitating diseases.”


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China’s Forced Covid Lockdowns Are Causing Residents to STARVE

from The Daily Expose

Covid-19: China finally ready to let the WHO investigate ...

According to reports, the latest Covid-19 lockdown in the Chinese city of Xi’an is so strict that locals are now reportedly starving to death as a result.

China’s “zero-covid” policy is making it difficult for many Chinese people, especially those in Xi’an, to continue putting food on the table.

The city is said to be ground zero for the latest covid outbreak. Reportedly, the final week of 2021 saw infection numbers rise to their highest levels since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

An estimated 13 million people live in Xi’an, and most of them are believed to be fully vaccinated. However, the latest “variant” of covid is spreading rapidly, according to the government, which decided that the best way to deal with the spread of infection is to lock everyone prisoner inside their homes.

The restrictions mean that residents are not allowed to leave for any reason, which means that they are relying on the government to bring them food. Unsurprisingly, this setup is not turning out well for those confined to their homes with no way out.

Previously, one person from every household was permitted to leave their home to buy food every two days. In response to rising case numbers, the rules were tightened.

Since the lockdown has been imposed, the daily case numbers have apparently declined.

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Editor Of Top German Newspaper Apologises For Fear Driven Pandemic Coversage

from Humans Are Free

The editor-in-chief of Germany’s top newspaper Bild has apologized for the news outlet’s fear-driven coverage of COVID, specifically to children who were told “that they were going to murder their grandma.”

editor in chief of germany’s top newspaper apologizes for fear driven covid coverage

Picture alliance via Getty Images.

In a speech delivered to camera, Julian Reichelt said sorry for Bild’s coverage which was “like poison” and “made you feel like you were a mortal danger to society.”

Reichelt directed his main sentiment towards children who have been terrorized by fearmongering media coverage which has caused child depression and suicides to soar across the world.

“To the millions of children in this country for whom our society is responsible, I want to express here what neither our government nor our Chancellor dares to tell you. We ask you to forgive us,” he said.

“Forgive us for this policy which, for a year and a half, has made you victims of violence, neglect, isolation, and loneliness.”

“We persuaded our children that they were going to murder their grandma if they dared to be what they are, children. Or if they met their friends. None of this has been scientifically proven.” ... Continue reading >>>

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 from RT

Restaurants to stay closed as Dutch relax Covid restrictions

Other businesses will be opening for the first time since strict orders were imposed in December 








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