Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bernie Earns less In A Year Than Hillary Gets For One Speech To Bankers

Sen. Bernie Sanders released his income taxes details last wekend. It was his 2014 income tax details, anyway and did on Friday night. In journalism, releasing information at that off hour is what's called "a Friday news dump," usually an attempt to bury bad news.

They return showed that Sanders and his wife Jane jointly earned $205,271 for 2014, a good income, an income many people would cut off an arm and a leg for. Or to put it another way, Sanders made around $25,000 less for a whole year than his primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, earned from ONE SPEECH that she delivered to the great vampire squid of global capitalism, Goldman Sachs, which paid her a cool $225,000 for a 45-minute job of a speech, a fee that was paid to the once and would-be future White House resident on three separate occasions. (Because, as Hillary shrugged in a 2015 debate, "that's what they offered.")

In 2014, Hillary and her ex-president husband Bill Clinton earned just over $28 million, or a whopping 135 times as much as the Sanders household. And of course Hillary Medusa Rodham Clinton is a member of the billionaire Rodham clan. And yet she claims to speak for 'the poor' and some people are naive enough to believe her.

Well nobody ever claimed democracy is a perfect system, it's just better than all the others.

Sourced from www.philly.com


Wall Street 'Whistleblower' Exposes Clinton Foundation Fraud

The woman is a phoney, a self interested, self aggrandizing elitist with a sense of entitlement the size of a galaxy. Whatever Hillary does, and whatever minority group the claims she is acting in the interests of, you can bet the main beneficiaries are Hillary Clinton, her family and her cronies.

No surprise then that a whistleblower has exposed Hillary's charity, 'The Clinton Foundation as a fraud.

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