Wednesday, May 25, 2016

As This Blog Predicted, Austrian Election Result Was An EUronazi Stitch Up

Early on Monday as results showed conservative candidate whom mainstream media insisted on calling extreme right wing although he is actually moderate) holding a 4% lead over an independent backed by the Green Party with 12% of the votes still to be counted, I predicted a late surge and a narrow victory for the independent Alexander van der Bellen, a former leader of the Austrian Green Party (who is an extremist and would open the floodgates to hostile immigrants, abolish free speech and criminalise dissent). The result played out as I predicted, the EU were never going to let the will of the voters triumph. And also as I predicted, some extremely dodgy statistics are emerging as. the linked story reveals.

AUSTRIA - Suspicious Numerical Evidence of FRAUD in the Vote Count - Was the Presidential Election Rigged and Stolen?

While looking at the EU debate here on FB yesterday I saw some daft tart commenting that she was voting REMAIN because she's scared of what would happen if BoJo becomes Prime Minister. To her and all others who think we should stay in because ALL-JOIN-HANDS-AND-SING-KUMBAYA I say,"Believe me sweetiepops, if we stay in, what the authoritarian, elitist EU Commissioners have planned is far worse than anything BoJo, Georgie Osborne, Jezza Corbyn or even Nick Griffin could possibly do to this country.

And life in the EUronazi superstate, with democracy and national sovereignty relegated to the realm of folklore, dissent criminalised, total surveillance in operation, and a European Police Force (Europol) with more far reaching powers that the Nazi's Gestapo or Soviet Russia's KGB enjoyed, able to kick your door in, beat you to a pulp, throw you in a cell and hold you indefinitely without charging you, presenting any evidence or granting a court hearing, on the basis of 'Artificial Intelligence' deciding you indulge in 'behaviour likely to lead to criminal acts', a government run by any other British politician, even Nick Griffin of the right wing BNP, looks quite an attractive prospect in comparison to a future in the dystopian, fascist, Federal European superstate.

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