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Leaked Papers: White House Resorts to Blackmail To Save TTIP Trade Treaty

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The Obama administration has threatened to block all European car exports to the USA if EU member nations do not accept America’s genetically-modified and hormone-enhanced produce and suurender sovereign rights of nation to US Corporate Lawyers.

German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that 240 pages of text from the secret transatlantic trade deal (TTIP) obtained and leaked by Greenpeace Netherlands show that the US government is blackmailing the EU to force through the trade deal, despite vigourous resistance from EU nations.

US negotiators have specifically threatened to block European car exports if the European Union refuses to lift its ban on genetically engineered fruits and vegetables from the US a move that opponents to the deal point out will compromise consumer health and negatively affect Europe’s agricultural industry.

Greenpeace announced that it would release the smuggled text of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on Monday, undermining unusual efforts by the EU and US to keep the details secret.

The authenticity of the documents has been confirmed by German DPA news agency sources. The documents demonstrate that the White House sought to pressure the EU to replace its precautionary consumer safety principle with the US approach of permitting food products to be sold until risks are proven.

What are the Safety Concerns Associated With the Consumption of Genetically Modified Crops?

The impact of genetically engineered foods, often associated with US agricultural multinationals including Monsanto, remain unknown in the long term, as these products are relatively recent. Often criticized, genetically-engineered produce allows for a greater yield and reduced product spoilage, as well as pest resistance, leading to lower prices at the store and some hope of alleviating world hunger.

Nonetheless, after the release of these products the US witnessed a spike in autoimmune diseases, and complaints of wheat sensitivity, or Celiac disease. Medium-term tests show no association between consumption of genetically engineered products and these ailments, leading the concerns to be dismissed as a fad among hypochondriacs.

More concerning, however, has been the large-scale die-off of US bee colonies that serve the vital natural function for pollinating crops. It remains to be seen whether the recent die-offs are related to genetically modified crops or to the potent glyphosate-based pesticides, including Monsanto’s Round-Up, that are routinely used on these crops.

Finally, Monsanto’s patenting of genetically-modified seeds has led to their litigation and seizure of small farms for intellectual property theft when natural cross-pollination led non-genetically modified crops to bear strains that included elements of the genetically modified 'Round-Up Ready' seeds.

Earlier this year we reported EU officials were trying to push through TTIP in the face of threats by several member nations to veto it because if the threat posed to democracy, and in defiance of huge public opposition to this power grab by corporate business.

During the 2016 US presidential cycle, Republicans and Democrats have come together to decry trade deals, citing a litany of economic and environmental concerns. Likely Republican nominee Donald Trump frequently cites NAFTA and CAFTA as examples that trade deals expand the US trade imbalance and destroy the middle class. Democratic insurgent Bernie Sanders similarly critiques international trade deals but also includes concerns about worker’s wages and rights as well as environmental degradation.

The odds-on favorite to become the next US President, Hillary Clinton, has long supported global trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA, passed under her husband’s administration in the 1990s. She lobbied for the Panama trade deal as Secretary of State, and referred to the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal as the “gold standard” over 45 times. Facing swelling frustration among younger and working class voters, Secretary Clinton now vows to oppose TPP and presumably TTIP.

With corporate supported trade agreements growing in unpopularity, the Obama administration is pushing ever more aggressively to advance the TTIP and TPP trade agreements prior to his departure in January 2017. The TPP trade agreement is expected to be passed without the full and proper consent of Congress during the post-election 'lame-duck' session of Congress. Similarly, it seems the White House seeks to prepare the TTIP for an expedited backdoor passage this year.

On Friday in New York, the lead US and EU negotiators – US Trade Representative Daniel Mullaney and the European Commission’s Ignacio Garcia Bercera – said they planned to reach a deal before Obama leaves office in January apparently out of awareness that free trade arrangements have become politically toxic.

Will the political legacy of the failed president Barack Obama and his disastrously incompetent administration be that he, the self styled peacemaker, joybringer and harmoniser, only succeeded in advancing a worldwide system of corporate fascism against the will of the public in the United States and worldwide, by blackmailing allies into acquiescence? That appears to be the plan?

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US-EU Trade Talks "De Facto Dead" Says German Trade Minister

President Obama was hoping to get two trade agreements to bolster his legacy in the waning days of his administration. Earlier this week however, the German Economy Minister stated the were 'de facto dead'. The US-Asia TPP talks have been dead as a doornob for some time although Obama is playing out a charade of having Congress vote on the draft, even though it will not be ratified by any important players around the Pacific Rim.

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TTIP Is Dead: Trade Talks Between EU And U.S. Have Collapsed, Germany Says
The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, the so called free trade deal between the EU and the USA, have collapsed, German’s economic minister has announced. The cause of the collapse has been cited as failure to move forward on any of the major planks of the deal, which has been dogged by controversy and widespread opposition from all sides of the political spectrum.

TTIP document leak - A preview of the corporate fascism treaty from War On Want
The Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) was teetering on the brink of failure before Greenpeace Netherlands obtained a massive swathe of leaked documents that prove the treaty is, as many people feared, a corporate power grab rather than a free trade arrangement. This exposure will not stop the fascist regimes of the European Union and the United States trying to push it through against massive public opposition. The ruling elites have only contempt for democracy and the people.
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