Wednesday, May 25, 2016

UK Conservative Politician Says Referendum Is An Establishment Stitch Up

The EU referendum campaign is really starting to warm up now as various polls show wildly different figures for the REMAIN and LEAVE campaigns. Nobody really knows why but telephone polls tend to show big leads for REMAIN while online polls are indicating narrow leads, with upward momentum for LEAVE. What this might suggest other than that REMAIN supporters are the kind of clowns who spend all their time dicking about on their smartphones and who will be unable to vote unless somebody sends them an app that will make up their minds for them is unclear.

While the REMAIN campaign is based totally on fearmongering (if we leave the EU nobody will want to be our friend), the LEAVE people are not short of that commodity either, but at least their claims have some basis in reality.

Britain will be unable to stop Turkey from becoming a member of the European Union (EU), the Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Penny Morduant, has said. Predicting that up to a million Turkish people could come to the UK unless Britain votes to leave the EU in June, declared that the EU referendum is an “establishment stitch-up”.

This may be a coincidence but earlier today we were reporting on another stitch up perpetrated by EU agencies and the political establishment of a member state, in this case Austria, where after holding a solid lead with only twelve per cent of the votes to be counted, the anti - immigration, anti - EU candidate was narrowly beaten amid evidence of voting irregularities (149% voter turnout in one area with a high immigrant population).

Speaking on BBC television, Ms. Mordaunt said it was very likely that a million Turkish migrants would come to the UK over the next eight years if the British public opt to stay within the EU, in part because of the "migrant crisis." Turkey has a population of around 80 million. Mordaunt pointed out that Home Secretary [Theresa May], a supporter of Remain, made a speech earlier in the campaign revealing EU plans to extend Europe's economic community way beyond the geographical borders of the continent and into eastern Asia and north Africa and questioning the merits of the EU having a land border with Syria, Iraq and Iran and visa free travel arrangements with Egypt, Lybia and Algeria.

Morduant shot down the notion that the British people had a veto on whether Turkey joins, saying "We are not going to be able to have a say." What she means is we will not get to vote on it. Although the British government does have a veto on Turkey joining the EU, Mordaunt made it clear that Gayid Cameron has expressed his enthusiasm for getting Tukey into the EU, shortly after Cameron's bum chum Obama had said Turkey belogs in Europe (this showing that history and geography are not among his adademic strengths either)thus the British people would not be consulted on the matter. She added: "This is a matter for the British people I think to decide and the only shot that they will get at expressing a view on this is in this referendum."

As the Prime Minister David Cameron has made it clear that he welcomes Turkey joining the EU, Ms Mordaunt’s suggestion is that the veto would go unused, against the will of the British people. She agreed with Andrew Marr’s suggestion that the EU referendum is turning out to be “an establishment stitch up.”

Her comments directly contradict those of David Cameron, who has insisted that Turkey will not be joining the EU any time soon. Slapping down Ms Mordaunt yesterday, he joked that it will be the year 3,000 before Turkey is able to join.

"It is not remotely on the cards that Turkey is going to join the EU any time soon,” he told ITV’s Robert Peston shortly after Mordaunt’s interview.

"They applied in 1987. At the current rate of progress they will probably get round to joining in about the year 3000 according to the latest forecasts."

The traitor and war criminal Cameron is a two faced shit however. Officially, the government supports Turkish accession, a position which a Downing Street spokesman confirmed this morning has not changed. The spokesman added: “The Prime Minister has made it clear that he would veto any new country joining the EU if it wasn’t in Britain’s interests” – a statement which suggests the Prime Minister is attempting to spin his way out of the hole his love of the EU and glonalism has dug for him.

Leave campaigners have asked why, if the government is likely to veto Turkey joining the EU, we are contributing to Brussels spending £2 billion on helping Ankara to prepare their application. "If it isn’t on the cards why are taxpayers footing the bill for it already?” a spokesman for the official Leave campaign said. "As with so much in the referendum the remain campaign are saying one thing now before the vote but are planning for the exact opposite after 23 June."

Commenting on Cameron's double talk, former Foreign Secretary Lord Owen added: "Only 9 weeks ago David Cameron committed the country at the European Council to re-energise the accession process of Turkey into the EU. The EU is continuing the preparatory work for Turkey at an accelerating pace with all of this going forward in parallel."

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