Monday, September 19, 2016

Russia Accuses USA & NATO Of Defending ISIS

A Russian Government Foreign Affairs spokesman commenting on the US led airstrike 0n 17 September in Syria that killed dozens of Syrian Government troops engaged in fighting ISIS “After today’s attack on the Syrian army, we come to the terrible conclusion that the White House is defending ISIS”.

US airstrike on Syria (Source: Newsweek)

This totally frightening revelation has come after United States / NATO airstrikes killed at least 80 Syrian soldiers. It is not frightening for referring to The White House supporting ISIS, every well informed person in the western democracies knew the USA had been arming and funding ISIS since 2011 and the US led coalition of the willing's war on ISIS in Syria and Iraq was a sham. What is scary is that such a bluntly worded statement indicates The Kremlin has run out of patience with The Rent Boy President and his barely concealed love of terrorists and all things Islamic.

What's more, it has always been clear that the priority of Obama and the US State Department in Syria has been to depose Assad rather than to oppose Islamic extremism.

The American habit of lying and then trying to bully those who challenge their lies seems to be failing. Journalist Hala Jabar has highlighted that US claims that they have targeted this area before is false as the Syrian Army has remained consistently in control of it.

So again CENTCOM’s statement in which it says coalition has bombed these positions in the past is puzzling in that it goes completely against what on the spot witnesses say happened.Meanwhile US military sources are desperately trying to conduct a damage limitation exercise. The airstrikes on Syrian forces were no technical error, Syrian Ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said. al-Jaafari acccused the US of trying to cancel out a recent ceasefire in his country by attacking Syrian government troops.

"The objective of this US aggression is to bring about the failure of the truce agreed between Russia and the United States," said Jaafari while speaking to journalists at a Non-Aligned Movement summit in Venezuela on Sunday.

On September 9, Russia and the United States agreed on a milestone deal on the Syrian crisis after some 13 hours of marathon talks in the Swiss city of Geneva. The deal, which began on September 12 and was initially agreed to last seven days, calls for increased humanitarian aid for those trapped inside the embattled northwestern city of Aleppo.
Under the terms of the ceasefire agreement, Russian and American fighter jets would launch joint airstrikes and pound the positions of Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria.

Jaafari stressed that the attacks are "evidence of support by the United States and its allies for Daesh and other armed terrorist groups" and could not have been a technical error.

He noted that immediately after the strikes Daesh was briefly able to take control of a strategic position in the region. "That clearly proves there is a link," he stressed. Following the attack, Russia called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to be held. Jaafari said that meeting produced "zero" results, as the US, Britain and France refrained from taking “measures" to atone for the deadly attack.

“US aggression must be dealt with immediately to avoid the spread of fighting in the region and put a stop to American hypocrisy and lies," Jaafari said.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said that at least 50 violations of the ceasefire have been registered over the last 24 hours in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Hama, Latakia, Homs, and Dara’a.


UN Peace Council: The Syria conflict is a proxy invasion by the United States

This blog and our other publications have been saying ever since the 'Arab Spring' was stirred up by a stupid, demogogical speech made in Cairo by Obama, that the US aim was a proxy war with Russia and Iran in the middle east. Look what happened since then. Secular Muslim leaders in Egypt and Libya were overthrown by US led regime change campaigns ...

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