Sunday, October 02, 2016

Surprise Cancellation Of Big Announcement By Wikileaks

In a surprising move, Wikileaks today cancelled an anticipated announcement scheduled for Tuesday, NBC News revealed. The announcement had been expected to be founder Julian Assange’s long-promised document dump on Hillary Clinton.

Although few hints as to what the announcement might be about NBC’s Jesse Rodriguez reported that the Tuesday event, which media organisations had been advised was to come from the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange took refuge several years ago, after US Government led efforts to ship him to Sweden where he faces seemingly trumped up charges of sexual harrassment. The stage managed press event was reportedly cancelled due to "security concerns".

Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton - mutual hatred club (image source:

We can only speculate on what those concerns may be of course, but given the track record of people who cross the Clinton's dying suddenly, prematurely and often in circumstances so bizarre they would impress a Spinal Tap drummer several obvious conclusions spring to mind. In the interests of fairness, not to mention self preservation, we must point out there is absolutely no evidence that Bill or Hillary Clinton was personally involved in any of the deaths, particularly the one involving a bizarre home gym accident, and the one in which a Clinton campaign intern shot himself in the back several times.

Assange appeared on Fox News last month, repeating his assertion that Wikileaks has damaging documents on Clinton and suggested WikiLeaks may soon release “teasers”. More than three weeks later, that release has yet to take place.

Clinton’s more fervent opponents have hoped for weeks that the promised document dump would be an “October surprise” – damaging and revelatory emails or the like, which would inflict a mortal wound on her campaign. Having said that , it must be noted that information revealed in previous Wikileaks document dump would have finished a candidate in any DEMOCRACY in which rule of law still meant anything.

Earlier this summer, Assange’s whistleblowing operation leaked thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee which showed the party and the Clinton campaign team had been complicit in a voting fraud which robbed Bernie Sanders of the nomination after his insurgent campaign had come close to upsetting the best laid plans of the neo - fascist United States Democratic Party to hand New World Order candidate Clinton the presidential nomination even though she has promised to escalate the war in Syria, a move tantamount to starting World War Three. The uproar over the disclosures forced DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign in disgrace on the eve of the Democratic National Convention but the career crook Clinton threw her loyal supporters to the lions rather than accept responsibility for the consequences of acts committed at her behest.

The political agent provocateur Roger Stone, a fervent Donald Trump supporter, predicted today (Sunday) morning that Wikileaks’ revelations would doom Clinton’s campaign..

Wikileaks has not yet given any indication of where and when the latest announcement will be made


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