Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Daily Stirrer

Six years have passed since we started publishing The Daily Stirrer, and what started out as three old gits who did not care anymore what people thought of them and so could say what many people thought but dare not articulate in public has grown somewhat.

With about three million visitors a year we are not in the big league of alternative news sites, but we have a following and are more interested in kicking arse and povoking thought that breaking records. And the Greenteeth Multi Media empire has continued to grow of course.

Why not get to know us by exploring this site. You will find plenty of links to our other pages.

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Five Years Ago
The Greenteeth Multi Media Empire has moved on a lot since I was last here. Check out our newest feature The Daily Stirrer a page for the most controversial opinion on the web.

Also look in on the Greenteeth portal for comedy, fiction, articles, verse and more.

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