Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Is All That War Aid Money Really being Used For

No matter how much money we throw at the third world, things never seem to imporove (image source)

The marketing hype accompanying wars becomes progressively more boring and predictable. Whenever a "coalition of the willing" of western governments and their rather unsavoury regional allies deploys military intervention, it is certain the USA will call for an international effort to help the poor and European Union will host or participate in a “donors’ conference”. These grotesque charades have become a feature of the Afghan campaign since 2001. When Gaza was bombed for three weeks in late 2008 and early 2009, the EU rushed to get involved. In Libya in 2011 The USA, France and the UK (The FUKUS axis) ganged up on little libya (OK, a vast land area but population 5 million counts as little against the millions of UK and France and at over 300 million population, the USA is in the big league in every respect (including their waistlines).

Do little countries like Libya, medieval backwaters like Yemen or strategically important but politicicaly insignificant tyrannies like Syria really threaten the security of the west? We think not. So why must the western nations alwayd be at war? Could it be that war is good for business, cruise missiles at a million dollars a pop, fuel for aircraft and tanks, munitions, uniforms, prostitutes ... all funded by the taxpayers. No wonder the money men like war.

And what of all that foreign aid doled out to the tyrants that do cooperate with the plundering of their nations resources by western corporations. Surely you did not think it went to feed and clothe the poor did you?

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