Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Russia Just Sent out a Message NATO Should Better Listen To

The key paragraph from the latest official Russian naval doctrine is that Putin and his military advisers have sent a clear message that NATO encroachment is unacceptable

To be honest, there is nothing earth shattering in this, The Daily Stirrer and many other alternative media news and analysis sites have been warning for about two years that Obama's foreign policy was making conflict inevitable. The document explains the purpose of Russia's naval doctrine, the missions of the Russian Navy and includes a regional assessment of the challenges and opportunities for Russia on the world’s oceans, including the Arctic and Antarctic region. But there is one sentence which deserves a lot of attention. On page 20, in the section 54 it says:

“Определяющим фактором в отношениях с НАТО остаются неприемлемость для Российской Федерации планов продвижения военной инфраструктуры альянса к ее границам и попытки придания ему глобальных функций”.

Which translates as follows:

“A defining factor in (our) relations with NATO remains that for Russia the following is unacceptable: the alliance’s plan to move its infrastructure to the borders of Russia and the attempts to give the alliance a global role“.

Somebody who has translated Russian official documents for a living for many years tells us that the Russians are extremely precise in their use of words and their choice of this or that word or expression is made very carefully, often with a forensic attention to nuance and infection.

So when this official, Putin-approved, document says that it is unacceptable for Russia that NATO is trying to grant itself a global role, it is as official a statement as any public declaration by Foreign Minister Lavrov.

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