Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Migrants Attack Locals In German Restaurant

by Arthur Foxake, 1 December, 2015

German firefighters clean up the mess after migrant Muslim morons torch the accomodation allocated to them (Image source)

Migrants and locals got into a fight in a restaurant in Bavaria on Sunday, resulting in a 50-year-old German man receiving serious head injuries.

A brawl developed between migrants and Germans developed in the Bravarian town of Velden , after an argument between a small group of migrants and local residents eating at a restaurant started in the early hours of Sunday morning, according Bravian regional newspaperSüddeutsche Zeitung.

Things appeared to have calmed down when the migrants left, but they returned with reinforcements and laid into the diners.

Around 15 people believed to be lodging in a local asylum centre had joined them, with witnesses reporting fist fights and glass bottles being thrown. One witness said the area outside the restaurant resembled a battlefield, covered in blood.

Six people were injured in the fight, with one 50-year-old German man needing hospital treatment for serious head injuries.

Police arrested a 25-year-old Syrian migrant, but later released him. The investigation continues.

The reason for the brawl is not reported, we wonder if the migrants might have objected to German diners eating pork sausage.

Elsewhere, in Hattersheim around 30 residents of another asylum centre were involved in a fight which left four people injured. Op-online.de reports. There police arrested two migrants aged 17 and 23, while four residents were moved to alternative accommodation for their own safety.

The violence follows a weekend of unrest in asylum centres across the Germany, with migrants expressing their anger that they are not being paid enough for being in Germany, their accommodation is not luxurious enough and the televisions in their rooms are not big enough.

In one asylum centre, the former Tempelhof air terminal in Berlin, police had to break up a fight between migrants queued over food. Again we are left to wonder if pork was involved.

Another fight in the Berlin suburb of Spandau (where the famous ballet is set?), migrants attacked one another with fire extinguishers. Windows were smashed and sofas thrown into the street, leaving several migrants wounded. Some 500 people had be to be evacuated from the migrant centre in fear and panic.

All in all, one has the impression that the paleolithic savages let into Europe without restriction by out politically correct leaders, who swore our culture would be enriched by these arseholes new arrivals, are simply not capable of living peacefully with each other, let alone alongside civilized people.

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