Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oregon Ranchers' Militia Tears Down Fence On Government Land, Demands Release Of Ranchers

While we have been preoccupied with mass rapes in Cologne, Europe's immigrant crisis, the crisis that has now spread from Syria and Iraq and now involves all of the middle ease plus Turkey, and the imminent global economic crisis, a smaal local crisis that could turn out to have bigger implications has been unfolding in the north west USA state of Oregon, where rancher families named bundy and Hammon have been defying the authority of federal authorities to, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Agriculture.enforce United Nations Agenda 21

Media savvy ranchers protest agains Obama administrations heavy handed treatment of independent businessmen. (Image source)

Following a peaceful protest against the enclosure of government owned land on which ranchers have traditionally enjoyed grazing rights in Burns, Oregon on January 2, the Bundys and fellow militia members who object to new, authoritarian laws drafted by the New World Order United Nations and made law by Obama's Imperial decree, seized the empty EPA building at Malheur. The group has now occupied the refuge ever since, calling for the government to abide by its own rules and stop the heavy-handed treatment of the ranchers. Their father, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, successfully faced down federal law enforcement agents in 2014 in a dispute over grazing fees and land use.

This latest contretemps seems to have been triggered by the extension of Obama's "You did'n' buy dat car white boy, de gub'ment bought dat shiny new sheen" philosophy of property ownership.

The militia men claim they are taking back land on behalf of the locals. While initially supportive of the stunt because it highlighted difficulties faced by farmers' and ranchers' due to the Obama administration's Maoist 'government owns everything' policy and any law that enforces it, Harney County residents have now called on the militia to leave peacefully Harney County Sheriff David Ward likewise asked the militia to depart the refuge, but was ignored.

On Saturday, the brothers’ mother Carol Bundy sent out a call for more supplies, including sleeping bags, toiletries, food, coffee and cigarettes, suggesting that the group was preparing to stay for the long haul although protest leaders are now negotiating with FBI

Also on Saturday, a convoy of almost 20 vehicles brought in volunteers armed with rifles and shotguns from the Pacific Patriot Network, but the Bundys turned them away. Fellow rancher LaVoy Finicum said that while the PPN’s support was appreciated, "we want the long guns put away."

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