Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Blood On The Streets Of Vienna: Afghan Migrants Go To War With Chechens

Chechen and Afghan migrants went to war on the streets of Vienna this weekend, with many members of both groups suffering serious injuries in what authorities described as a “mass brawl” with knives, iron bars and wooden batons.

Migrants of different ethnicities brawl in an incident unrelated to the one reported, for which pictures are not available

Afghans have recently overtaken Chechens as the largest immigrant group in Austria, and the fight is thought to be part of an ongoing turf war between the two ethnic groups, whose members, in a similar scenario to what has happeed in Sweden and Germany have moved into the drugs trade and organised crime.

Following the fight, police spokesman Paul Eidenberger told Die Presse: “There were shown to be two attempted murders and five potentially fatal injuries. 50 others suffered lesser injuries.”

Those suffering serious injuries were mostly between 14 and 17-years-old.

The dispute is reported to have started on Facebook, later spilling out of the virtual world and on to a street in front of a youth centre in the Engerthstraße district of the Austrian capital.

A group of Chechens had gathered outside the centre where they were met by a much larger gang of Afghans. Several arrests were made when police arrived, but the majority of the youths managed to flee the scene.

In more upmarket parts of the Austrian capital, brainwashed left wing idiots from affluent homes were staging a demonstration demanding the Austrian government reopen its borders and allow unrestricted access to undocumented travellers. They bore banners proclaiming "Austria needs more migrants." It seems the same is happening in Austrias as is happening in Europe and the USA. Youg people go to cllege or university, spend three or more years getting mindfucked by New World Order stormtroopers masquerading as lecturerers and professor and emerge incapable of thinking for themselves or learning from experience.

Just because people from different nations and cultures have the same colour skin or follow the same religion does not mean they will join hands and sing Kumbaya if they are dumped in a civilised country and given free stuff at the expense of local taxpayers.


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