Saturday, June 04, 2016

.Ghost Squad Hacks 'Corrupt' Major US News Networks, Plans To Disrupt Mainstream Media News Coverage

 Ghost Squad Hackers, a group with close links to Anonymous announced that from Jume 1, they have launched a series of coordinated DDoS (Distributed Denial of Servoce) attacks against leading members of the corporate mainstream media.  Tec.mic and Softpedia were the first to report the operation but their reports only tell part of the story.

Broadly speaking, the goal of the #OpSilence is to attack through the internet, all the corporate - owned, big government friendly major news networks that mislead and censor information from the general public.

More specifically, the news agencies who conceal the crimes of Israel, while misleading the population about the mistreatment of the Palestinian people will be the main targets. The operation is off to a quick start, Ghost Squad has successfully” carried out DDoS attacks on CNN and FOX News” already just this month. More attacks are promised, NBC and MSM appears to be their next target.

As mentioned above Ghost Squad has a close affiliation with Anonymous. The group insists they speak for themselves, they are essentially trying to build their credibility.

But the emergence of this group could be linked to the recent divide within Anonymous. There has been a “Civil War” of sorts in the hacker community recently, and the reputation of the Anonymous collective has suffered.  In an interview with a hacker it was implied that Anonymous has developed a reputation for behaving in immature ways – more concerned with silly DDoS’ing attacks than changing the world.

Since the quarreling on #OpWhiteRose many people have splintered off, or left Anonymous entirely.  According to Anonymour watchers, Ghost Squad is one of the groups spun off due to this ‘Civil War.’ In the time since this happened the group has exploded onto the scene, and has rapidly become one of the most influential and talked about hacking groups in the entire world in 2016.

#OpMediaControl as it has been dubbed, aims for the hacking of every major news network in the United States during the summer of this year. And the official start of Summer is only a few days away.


Judge Denies Attempt To Block Obama's Transfer Of Internet Oversight To UN

October 2016: In a last ditch effort to block Obama's plan to allow the US Commerce Department to hand over oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to a multi-stakeholder community - which includes the technical community, businesses, civil society and foreign governments - 4 state attorneys went to a Texas federal court alleging that the transition, in the absence of congressional approval, amounts to an illegal forfeiture of U.S. government property. Confirming once more that under Obama's Presidency the judiciary and legal system have been totally politicised, their case was thrown out on a technicality.

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