Sunday, August 07, 2016

Italy Dragged Into US Led Military Campain In Libya

As if the unfortunate people had not, over the years since 2011, suffered enough at the hands of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (who was the architect of the bombing campaign that led to the overthrow of President Muammar (Mad Dog) Gadaffi and the subsequent transformation of Libya for Africa's most prosperous and economically advanced nation to a chaotic failed state with three feuding governments), the Obama administration recently kicked off another military campaign in Libya, this time against ISIS, which thanks to the Obama administration's previous ill - advised intervention had made Libya the centre of its African operations.

However, not all the "coalition of the willing" are quite as willing as they were last time round.

 Last week, Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti confirmed that Rome was willing to allow the USA to use Italian military facilities, in particular the air base at Sigonella in Scicily to support US airstrikes against Daesh in Libya. "The government is ready to positively evaluate the issue of the use of Italian bases and airspace," Pinotti said, addressing the lower house of the Italian parliament on Wednesday.

Asked to comment on the decision, Mirko Molteni, a military journalist for Analisi Difesa magazine and the Milan-based daily newspaper Libero, told Sputnik Italia that it would undoubtedly increase the danger of terrorist attacks against Italy.

Molteni also observed that the decision to participate has put the country close to a state of war. "The problem is that Daesh has already threatened attacks on Italian territory for some time, especially against Rome, the capital of the Catholic world. The fact that Italy is making its bases available to the coalition greatly increases the threat of such attacks."
The analyst warned "this may permanently destroy the illusion that Italy is safe from the terrorists."

 At the same time, Molteni noted that unfortunately, the Italian government really does not have much of a say in the US-led initiative, "Its tendency to blindly follow the great powers has become a typical trend in recent decades. Even in 2011, the Berlusconi government failed to oppose the airstrikes against the Gaddafi government initiated by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Italy was made to tag along with Paris and Washington in this historical mistake which created the current instability in Libya."

 Unfortunately,  Italy's political and military servility toward the United States is rooted in nearly 70 years of history, which followed Italy's entry into the NATO alliance, Molineti added.


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