Monday, November 21, 2016

Obama and The End Of Utopia

by Arthur Foxake

Speaking in Greece on his valedictory trip to Europe as president, Barack Obama sang the same old tunes, diversity, multiculturalism,  redistribution of wealth, globalism and the ending of national sovereignty. He also lashed out at the anti - elite mood that carried the brexit vote in the UK,  carries Trump to victory in the US Presidential election and has driven the rise of anti - EU, anti - globalism political parties across Europe.
“(W)e are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude form of nationalism, or ethnic identity, or tribalism that is built around an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ …

“(T)he future of humanity and the future of the world is going to be defined by what we have in common, as opposed to those things that separate us and ultimately lead us into conflict.”
It did not go down well with the Greeks, perhaps the greatest victims to date of the folly of globalism and multiculturalism.

That the world’s great proponent of  multiculturalism, diversity, human rights and the kind of equality that makes some of the animals more equal than others to steal a phrase from George Orwell, envisions an even more multicultural, multiethnic, multiracial America and Europe, with more jobs and money going to third world countries and more uneducated, illiterate third world peasants coming to the developed nations is not news. This kind of ideological idiocy has been the theme of his presidency.

But in this day of Brexit and president-elect Donald Trump new questions arise. Is Obama’s vision of a single global nation with people of all colours, races and religions joining hands and singing Kumbaya a utopian myth? Have leaders like him and Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Francoise Hollande lost touch with reality?

“Crude nationalism,” as Obama said, the mindset of 'my tribe right or wrong' did mark the bloodiest follies of that bloodiest of centuries, the 20th. But a more subtle and considered type of nationalism has also proven to be among mankind’s most powerful, beneficial and enduring forces.

A few months ago, when the Brexit campaign was in full swing I saw a university brainwashed, left wing special snowflake wailing that nationalism was Naziism and what we needed was more socialism and human rights. After pointing out that the Nazis were socialists, National Socialists, I asked this person if she thought people like Gandhi, Guiseppe Garibaldi, Eammon De Valera, Michael Collins, Nelson Mandela, Charles De Gaulle (who, for the historically challenged led the French resistance to Naziism in World War 2), Alexander Dubcek, Alec Salmond, Alex Tsipras, Chang Kai Shek and Fidel Castro were all Nazis because all were (or are) nationalists.

She told me I am a bigot. When you put an intelligent and well thought out answer to a leftie, just don't expect an intelligent response.

You cannot wish nationalism away. To do that is to deny evolution, history, human nature and the transparent evidence of one’s own eyes. Ironically the people who scream most loudly against nationalism are the ones who would  shout 'heretics, burn them' if any of my American christian friends questioned evolution to put forward an argument for creationism or intelligent design.

Nationalism dismantled the the Soviet Union, Ronald Reagan’s “evil empire”, liberating Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Romanians and Bulgarians to choose their own governments and map their own destiny. Was that so terrible for mankind?
Nationalism brought down the Berlin Wall and led to reunification of the German people after 45 years of separation and the police state Government of the socialist and comically misnamed German Democratic Republic.

As I write, nations around the world are resorting to nationalism to combat the dark forces  of globalism and corporate capitalism. Surely I was not the only one to work out that baack Hussein Obama was the coffee boy of global capitaism.

What values and ideals do the orinary citizens of the western democracies have in common with the corporate / political / academic / media elite when Obama can speak in Germany of “darker forces” opposing his trade policies TPP and TTIP, both of which would have given corporate lawyers the power to overrule the laws of sovereign nations while Obama's 'anointed' successor Hillary Clinton calls Trump supporters “racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic … bigots.”

If more multicultural, multiethnic societies produce greater unity and comity, why have politics become so partisan and poisonous? Why are police forces in Europe and the USA fighting street battles on a daily basis with migrant and resitent ethnic minorities. The Brexit vote was partly due to concern about uncontrolled immigration, Trump’s victory is due in part to his stand for securing the U.S. border against foreigners walking in. Merkel is in trouble in Germany because she brought in almost a million Muslim refugees from Syria. Civil unrest in France is largely due to demands from Islamic communities that the French giive up certain long established traditions because they are 'insulting to Islam'.
But the nationalist parties that have arisen across Europe, and the Trump supporters in the USA are not propelled solely by hostility to more immigration from the Third World. There has been a move led by globalists to transfer sovereign powers from democratically elected governments to supra - national bureaucracies. And the people have decided that democracy, no matter how flawed the local versions may be, is better than being ruled by unelected bureaucrats appointed by the global elite.


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We've had junk science on climate change, genetically modified seeds, many types of medicines and social engineering. The junkiest of junk science however is always commissioned by public service organisations and is aimed at convincing the public that our public servants are doing a good job. Fortunately the public are not as gullible as our leaders suppose.

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