Tuesday, January 10, 2017

FAKe News alert: North Carolina bankrupted by chicks with dicks law?

I saw a story today which led on the headline (surely clickbait as the story does not at any point provide evidence to support the claim made):

North Carolina's Anti-LGBT Law Has Cost the State More Than $560 Million So Far.

So in order to make this story even slightly interesting I'd like to know can the author tell us exactly how the simple ruling that people with dicks use the men's facilities has cost the state $560 million. 

There is no indication that 1000 Gay BLTs have written to members of the state legislature to say either they decided to withhold $1000 state tax because perverts are not allowed to wave their dicks at little girls in North Carolina's public toilets, or a similar number went out of state to do their shopping before Christmas because they feel that their wives and daughter's civil rights will have been infringed because they are denied the chance to be confronted by the sight of some big, hairy arsed trucker who 'identifies' as a woman freshening up his lipstick and mascara.

Or perhaps the $560 million is the inward investment that would accrue should North Carolina replace California as the global capital of Crazy.

I notice the source for the number cited in this story is the New York Times which is a top contender for the title "World's top purveyor of Fake news," so I guess somebody just made it up.


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