Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sheeple Take Over Higher Education

After Donald Trump’s election, the howls of outrage emitting from universities in the Snowflake higher Education franchie corporation became deafening. Faculty members predicted the end of the world and thousands of classes were cancelleed because students felt too triggered to face even the highly diluted reality of their 'creative journalism with free dance' courses but simply hugged each other, repeatedly asking: How could this possibly be in the most politically correct nation on the planet?

Now I think the world had a lucky escape when America's electoral system rejected Hillary Clinton of The Clinton Crime Syndicate and Cappo Di Tutti Cappi of the Democratic Party, having decapitated anyone who stood in the way of her gaining the nomination President-elect Trump is not the most enthralling prospect (although there are signs he will be a hands - off president, content to delegate day - to day stuff) but the reaction of university staff and students bodes ill for the future of the USA and is further evidence of how detatched from the realities of everyday life universities have become. When students are encouraged to live in progressive bubbles and 'safe spaces' when they are protected from ever hearing working class voices using working class language, they might be filling their heads with lots of theory and pseudo - scientific bullshit but learn nothing about life and how business, government and human societies work in different political environments around the world. To be fully educated, indeed fully conscious students should encounter not Karl Marx, but also Milton Friedman.

Liberals have been highly adept at highlighting the hypocrisies of Trump, but has there ever been a more hypocritical candidate than Hillary Clinton (HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE). Liberals scream and shout about multiculturalism and diversity, but anybody who does not conform to the monoculture that exists on college campuses is ostracised and diversity is limited to differing skin colours only. Ideological and political differences are met with levels of bigotry and self righteousness that even Nazis would have objected to. Many surveys studies have found that about 10 percent of staff in social sciences or the humanities are Republicans and many stories have circulated of professors and lecturers being forced out of their jobs because they introduced ideas that did not conform to the dogma of politically correct thinking.

Democrats and liberals champion tolerance, but would deny (and in some colleges have denied) the right of free speech to conservatives and evangelical Christians. Thus they show a willingness to be inclusive of people who don’t look like us, so long as they think like us.

Liberal hostility to the Trump’s presidency will only turn up the volume in the liberal echo chambers of social media to eleven, thus creating a more hostile environment in which to try and discuss intelligently the issues we face. Already, the lack of ideological diversity in all levels of education and in the public sector is damaging national life. Left wing political rhetoric has long since collapsed into self-parody.

Some say that it’s O.K. to be intolerant of intolerance, to discriminate against bigots who acquiesce in Trump’s record of racism and misogyny. Standing up to the bigots is one thing but are the originators of intolerance not those who caricature half of Americans, some of whom voted for President Obama twice, as racist bigots simply because they believed the Democrat's candidate had too many question marks over her integrity and competence? Do the alternative reality dwelling denizens of America's higher education system know enough Trump voters to offer such generalised opinions of them.

The favourite argument of the Obama and Clinton supporters against intellectual diversity is that conservatives have nothing to add to the conversation. “The idea that conservative ideas are dumb is so preposterous that you have to live in an echo chamber to think of it,” conservative thinker Cass Sunstein said.

Of course, we shouldn’t empower racists and misogynists on campuses. But whatever some liberals think, “conservative” and “bigot” are not synonyms. If fact, though bigot has become the favourite pejorative of the left, from Obama downwards, few who use it truly understand what it means, preferring to believe the word describes those who differ from what is clearly correct in the eyes of all sane and educated people.


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