Friday, January 13, 2017

In The End Days Obama's Bizarro World Gets Crazier

In the end days of his failed presidency, the behaviour of Barack ?Hussein Obama - The Obamessiah - America's first black president (and very nearly the last one to actually be elected, has become more bizarre by the day. An objective observer would perhaps think it impossible to top the completely whacko farewell speech in which, apart from using a prodigious number of highly emphasised personal pronouns, Obama, who in 2008 announced he, as president, would be a peacemaker and joybringer, congratulated himself on leaving the nation he has divided geographically, politically, religiously, racially, socially and economically and involved simultaneously in more wars than any other nation in a much better state than it was in when he took over.

But yesterday he topped that by heaping praise on the creepy Vee Pee, Crazy Joe 'Uncle Groper' Biden, not for Biden's idiotic pronouncements on almost every topic, not for breaking the world record for groping little girls on public occasions, but for ... reasons that are not entirely clear. See video of the cringeworthy presentation embedded below.

We're not saying Trump will be a good president, it is the opinion of this blog the seeds of division were sown a long time ago and the USA is now ungovernable. Thus people who expect Donald Trump to work miracles are as likely to be disappointed as were those who believed Obama would wave his magic penis and turn the world into a single big happy family modelled on the hippy culture of crazy California.

Video from The Independent

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Obama’s greatest achievement perhaps it to have put Donald Trump in The White House. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing depends on your political stance. This blog is neutral, our view being that Trump can’t be a worse president than any of the three that preceded him.
Over 4000 Civilians Have Died In Forgotten War.
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