Thursday, February 16, 2017

Left Complicit In Violence Ripping Through Migrant Neighbourhoods?

As rioting by immigrant populations spreads from the poorer areas of Paris to the city centre and civil unrest spreads throughout France, former special advisor to France’s interior ministry Hugues Moutouh has accused the left-wing political establishment including leaders of the two main socialist parties and their candidates in the presidential election in May of complicity in the violence raging through the country’s migrant-dominated suburbs.

Mr Moutouh, who served as France’s youngest ever district prefect, slammed the left wing political class for “justifying” the rampant criminality that’s setting the suburbs ablaze, by their insistence that young immigrant thugs should be seen as victims.

“Again and again the same scenes of urban violence, the same images of cars burned, attacks of police stations, Molotov cocktails launched on the forces of order,” Mr. Moutouh wrote in a piece published by Le Figaro.

According to the former lawyer, who has written extensively on weaknesses in French security policy, “parts of the French political class on the left” have become “accomplices” to the youths laying waste to suburbs in the country’s cities. Hopelessly smitten with idealism and naivety on the topic of security, the rancid left sees every suburban youth who’s known to the police and has a foreign background as a victim of the system,” he says.

The former advisor is particularly scathing about the response from France’s major centre-left party to violent (mostly Muslim) suburban youth, stating: “Socialists do not yet speak of the riots as an act of ‘rebellion’, but they are not far off.”

If elected in April socialist presidential candidate Benoit Hamon, who is on record as saying discrimination “the cancer of the Republic", but apparently has no problem with crimes of sex and violence committed by immigrants against French people, has promised to establish non-white “community police” forces in migrant suburbs on the presumption that white police officers are “guided by their racial prejudices”.

Such policies, according to the former special advisor, suggest Socialists have taken “perverse theories” from the extremist black supremacists of American academia as their lead for how to respond to suburban violence. Pity many American inner city areas are dystopian shitholes where white people fear to go.

“Police are there to question thugs, not to help them Mr Moutouh writes, describing left-wingers as “sorely lacking in common sense”.

“Public utilities, schools, and police stations are routinely ransacked” in riot-hit districts of French cities, which the author describes as “blighted by gangs whose violence is more than a match for their American counterparts.

“When questioned, their members are being immediately released. They no longer fear the police and now hesitate less and less to violently attack officers of the state.”

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