Tuesday, March 07, 2017

France's Fatal Attraction To The Savagery Of Islam

Two years ago, the Grand Wazzer (or something) of the main Mosque in Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, proposed converting former Christian churches into mosques for a Muslim community being rapidly swelled by the influx of illegal immigrants from the Islamic world who took advantage of the EU's idiotic open borders policy and the incompetence of France's socialist government's attempts to manage immigration.

People in France (i.e. the brainwashed and university dumbed down millennials who respond to such surveys) seem to have taken the idea seriously while in complete denial that part of the reason churches are abandoned is 'white flight' as urban residents get out of the metropolitan shitholes mass immigration has created, that a report from Terra Nova, France's main left wing think tank, suggests that in order to integrate Muslims better, French authorities should replace the two public holidays -- Easter Monday and Pentecost Monday -- with an Islamic holiday and, to be ecumenical, a Jewish holiday.

Written by Alain Christnacht and Marc-Olivier Padis, the study, "The Emancipation of Islam of France," states:
"In order to treat all the denominations equally, it should include two important new holidays, Yom Kippur and Eid el Kebir, with the removal of two Mondays that do not correspond to particular solemnity".
Thus, the Catholic Easter and Pentecost can be sacrificed to keep the ever-elusive multicultural "peace".

Terra Nova's proposal was rejected by the Episcopal Conference of France, but endorsed by the Union of Islamic Organizations of France, close to the Muslim Brotherhood, which would also like to include the Islamic holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha in the calendar. No prizes for guessing which body a socialist government would listen to.

The idea of abolishing Christian holidays and replacing them with Islamic festivals has  also been proposed by the Observatory of Secularism, an organ created by traitor and war criminal President François Hollande to coordinate Islamonazi policies. The Observatory of Secularism also proposed eliminating some Christian holidays to make way for the Islamic, Jewish and secular holidays. "France must replace two Christian holidays to make way for the Yom Kippur and Eid," said Dounia Bouzar, a member of the Observatory.

 Instead of making a stand against the increasingly outrageous demands of Islamists, and the emotionally needy socialist surrender monkeys who would serve them, France needs leaders who will fight to save what is still redeemable of France's proud history and culture. But the establishment will never do that, they and their academic enablers despise ordinary citizens so much and are so stupid they believe selling out to Islam will enable their class to hold onto its privileged position in society. Don't the idiots realise once in power the Islamists will kill or enslave all non - Muslims? By attempting to hybridize cultures and rejecting Christianity, France will soon end up not even teaching Arabic alongside French in state school but only Arabic, and marking Ramadan instead of Easter..

The socialists and 'global view' thinkers delude themselves when they talk of creating an "Islam of France", French political leaders, trade unionists, media commentators and intellectual think tanks should look for ways to halt and reverse the creeping Islamization of their country. If they do not, visitors to Paris may soon be seeing public beheadings in the Place de la Bastille, but also local boule courts given over to the flogging or stoning of disobedient wives or immodest women. I'm sure the feminists will love that.


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