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Media Blanks The Fascist Insanity At Evergreen State College

Professor Bret Weinstein was hounded off Evergreen State College and then made the target of a social Justice Warriors witch hunt by fascistic left wing advocates of freedom, quality, love and peace. In spite of the importance of this story, in a country where the undemocratic, illiberal liberals of the Democratic Party are trying (inepty) to have an elected president removed from office simply because he defeated their anointed one, mainstream media has not seen fit to report this latest outbreak of fascism in the US Higher Education System.

Some readers may be familiar with the weird saga from Evergreen State College, where a liberal biology professor, Bret Weinstein was recently prevented from teching his class by a student mob chanting "racist" and "white supremacist".

Weinstein’s crime was to go to work on a day when a student organization had requested (decreed?) that all white people must stay off campus and observe a "Day of Absence" in recognition of American culture’s "systemic racism". (As an Englishman I could do cheap jokes about American culture being an Oxymoron but I'll set the bar higher for an article about a higher education estblishment.

In a message to students, Weinstein explained that compelling people to be off campus was much different than a group of students choosing to be off campus themselves (the latter was the tradition at Evergreen State until 2017).

Weinstein’s email caused student leaders to come over all Waffen SS and precipitated this:

Warning: the video contains gratuitous profanity]

For refusing to obey a "request" from the student body, Weinstein has seen his life upturned.

A petition calling for him to be disciplined was signed by more than 50 Evergreen State faculty (backstabbing bastards - but would you expect liberals and progressives to be anything else?). Fearing for his family's safety after the obligatory threats of violence from the peace loving lefties, he and his family have relocated. Weinstein’s story is one of the most bizarre in years, even from the bizarro world environment of higher education. Even more bizarre however, is this: It has received almost no media attention in the USA.

This was highlighted by Mike Paros, a biology professor at Evergreen State who spoke out on behalf of Weinstein. Prior to that I had been aware of the situation but because I know little of value will be found in those propaganda sheets. In his remarks, Paros asked people to "walk toward the fire" and stand by Weinstein. He suggested that few were actually doing so, noting that “Weinstein reluctantly went on Fox News (a channel hated by liberals),because no other news source would pick up his story.” That comment is significant for a several reasons.

First, it clearly pains these academics to have to rely on Fox News, a news channel most people in the ivory tower find low and revolting, to present their case. Second, is such a juicy story really of no interest to news mediums that, if not dead in the water, are certainly belly up and floating with the current. If so, why?

Google Weinstein and Evergreen College and you will quickly learn that Paros is right. A search throws up a few reposts on new media sites, nearly all of which are conservative or libertarian and a single national story on Bret Weinstein and Evergreen State, an opinion piece written by New York Times staff editor Bari Weiss, published on June 1.

That’s it. Nothing from Time. Or Slate. Or the Atlantic. Or New York magazine. Or Salon, where Weinstein is a contributor. The major networks like CBS, ABC, and NBC? They are MIA, too. Even NPR, arguably the best education news source in the world. I

It’s utterly astonishing that in the 21st century, in a nation that prides itself on tolerance, diversity and inclusivity, a tenured university faculty member who voted for Bernie Sanders can be railroaded off campus by a mob of neo - Nazi students who make adolf Eichmann look like an easy going sort of guy, and the press has an utter lack of interest in the story. The left leaning professor is forced to crawl to Fox News and The Wall Street Journal to plead his case.

Why is this story not being chronicled and the fascism for which the university system has become a petri dish not being exposed by America's leading media outlets?

We don’t know the answer to this question, but it certainly seems possible that traditional media are no longer interested in covering stories that don’t fit the pre - ordained narratives of certain political agenda regarding race, gender, and diversity in America, even if those stories are clearly newsworthy.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.” It seems as if those freedom loving hippy arseholes have other plans for anyone who challenges their diktat on anything.


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Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practice? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do the New York Times and the Washington Post deceive their readers? Why are young journalists not taught to understand media agendas and to challenge the high claims and low purpose of fake objectivity? And why are they not taught that the essence of so much of what’s called the mainstream media is not information, but power?

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Today We Should Pray For The Lefties

Yes today the left of British politics have suffered a crushing bow. Education Minister Michael Gove has lost his job in Cameron's reshuffle. As Gove was the primary target for the left's irrational hatred and without irrational hatred the left have nothing in their weaponry, this is a massive setback with an election only a year away

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We are in a fight to retain our right to free speech in the face of an onslaught of politically correct tyranny. While a speech Barack Obama made in Cairo is celebrated even though it brought back the spectre of medieval Sharia law to secular Muslims, the word liberal is hajacked by authoritarians who ride the political bandwagon and offer doublespeak, ambiguity and weasel words.. We hear much about equality and being fair but see little of either and no common sense.

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