Monday, December 17, 2018

It's Over For Macron - French Farmers Spray Pig Shit In Paris

If you rely on fake news services like the BBC, ITN/Sky and the traditional newspapers for news you will probably have believed the Gilet's Jaunes protests against the elitist government of Emmanuel Macron are dying down. With unrest stirring in Britan over the Brexit shambles, the government and government - friendly news media are desperate to reinforce the message, "If you challenge authority, you will be crushed.

This the weekends news bulletins showed Marcron's paramilitary thugs, The Gendarmerie, driving protesors including bare breasted women dressed as Marianne, Goddess of Liberty, off the streets. In truth there were smaller numbers on the streets in central Paris this week because the government had closed many routes into the city and the railways were on strike. This blog and our twin, The Daily Stirrer, focused on protests in provincial cities, Toulouse, bordeaux, Lyon and Marseilles but we missed the best news of the week for lovers of liberty and enemies of authoritarianism.

Live leaks had this:
French farmers dump hundreds of tonnes of manure on the streets and spray city building with slurry in day of protest (video). It is well known of course that when the French farmers turn against their government, that government is finished. They may hold on to power for a while, but they can forget any ideas about getting their programme through.

As unofficial reports claim it was pig slurry the farmers sprayed, let's hope they gave the Muslim ghettoes where French women are afraid to go out alone, a good soaking.

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