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Greenhouse Gas Facts - Not For The Thunberg Cult

Paul Noel
Paul Noel, former Research Scientist 6 Level 2 UAH Huntsville Al. (2009-2014)

There are no such thing as “Greenhouse Gases”. No gas blocks the wind and no gas provides a selective frequency mirror for IR. Sorry but if a gas doesn’t do those 2 things it isn’t a Greenhouse Gas. That is the function of a greenhouse.
Methane is emitted into the atmosphere naturally by the billions of tons daily. It doesn’t build up because it degrades almost instantly by oxidation into CO2 and water. The rate is so fast in just over 4 hours it is only 1/1,000,000th of what it was. Sorry but if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying.

This is the graphic of methane detection from the greatest natural gas leak in US History. Note it doesn’t even reach the sea 20 miles away. Remember every sewer head in the city is leaking massive quantities of methane. NO DETECTION! In simple terms methane cannot ever be a problem. It isn’t one now either.

In fact the people who push this will not tell you the true role of methane in the atmosphere. In fact we wouldn’t have an ocean or an atmosphere without methane.

Methane rises in the earth from very deep within the earth. It encounters metal oxides such as Iron Oxide, Sodium Oxide, Calcium Oxide etc. When it does it undergoes Dehydrogenation synthesis. This process frees up oxygen and water while making oil and some CO2. The gases and oil continue to rise in the earth until they surface. TAR PITS HOMEPAGE . There they oxidize and form CO2 and Water. There is the source of the Oxygen in the Air and water in the oceans. Oxygen made into CO2 enters phytoplankton in the oceans and makes sugar and oxygen. The zooplankton eats this and through a bunch of cycles they secrete carbonate shells die and sink taking the carbon down to make limestone that is everywhere. At the same time it leaves the oxygen in the atmosphere. 

The accompanying gases of Nitrogen Argon and Helium 3 prove this cycle. Helium 3 leaves the atmosphere into space. Nitrogen is almost 80% of the atmosphere and Argon almost 1%.
Now Methane is not an insulating gas in fact it is a refrigerant gas(R50) as is CO2 (R744). This fact is used by the oil industry to make LNG for export with methane and many modern refrigeration systems use CO2 as the gas for cooling. Industrial CO2 Refrigeration Systems, the “New” Natural Refrigerant for Large Scale Refrigeration Projects… - CoolSys

Everything you are reading on this topic by the environmentalists ignores the fact that the temperature of the atmosphere is a function of air pressure. It is exactly what makes a diesel engine work!

There is absolutely no Greenhouse Effect from any gas. Water does insulate but only as a liquid not as vapor. CO2 and Methane are worthless as insulators

This is pure science and hard science. There is no opinion here. The people who object to such do not know what they are talking about.

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Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has virtually zero impact on global temperatures

We have previously highlighted this report from Finland which exposes the great flaw in "the science" of global warming. The link at the end of this extract takes you to a much more complete account of the research project which, not for the first time debunks the fake science on which the politically - motivate climate change scare.

Fellow Slams The Royal Society as Nothing But a Lobby Group for Climate Change.

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I've had many arguments with the Warmageddonists, the people who have been saying that if we did not shut down all coal, oil and gas related activites the earth was going to turn into a giant furnace and we would all burn. When the scaremongering first started, the deadline for frying was "after dinner". Then it got to "Tomorrow ...... or the day after tomorrow perhaps," then "next year", "before 2050," and eventually "soon."

What if man-made climate change is all in the mind?

If our view of reality is shaped by the mind and our perceptions of information, how successful are attempts to manipulate the perceptions of the whole populations through manipulated data, spin and assertions of authority likely to be. As scientists and politicians moan that the public no longer take sertiously climate change scare stories, we have to conclude, not very.

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