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Vaccine Fascism Is Coming To A Democracy Near You


Uniformed military troops now targeting alcohol-drinking young adults for on-site covid vaccinations… because impaired judgement is desired by the vax squads

Image: Uniformed military troops now targeting alcohol-drinking young adults for on-site covid vaccinations… because impaired judgement is desired by the vax squads

(Natural News) The military-industrial complex is so desperate to get all Americans “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) that it is now sending uniformed military troops into the streets to jab drunk young people who are too inebriated to resist.

Reports indicate that soldiers are now roving the streets of Dallas searching for young adults incapacitated on alcohol to roll up their sleeves for one of Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

Since only about 40 percent of young adults in the area are believed to have been vaccinated so far, the medical deep state is having its obedient soldier drones attempt to double that number by tricking young people into getting needled while their brains are impaired.

“We were actually celebrating my best friend’s birthday – he just turned 19 – so we were going to go skate around, get something to eat, and I was like s***, I might as well get it done,” one blue-haired young person told CBS DFW about his agreeing to get injected upon encountering military troops in the neighborhood of Deep Ellum.

“All they needed was my first and last name, and then they asked for my address line and my driver’s license number.”

Another middle-aged man said he was “just walking by to go get dinner” when he encountered the soldiers armed with needles. The encounter was apparently so compelling that the man agreed to roll up his sleeve on the spot to get injected.”

“It was pretty easy,” he told the news, mumbling through his face mask.

Drunk 7-Eleven employee seen receiving military-administered jab on camera

One person tweeted a particularly disturbing video of what appears to be a drunk 7-Eleven employee rolling up his sleeve to have a younger military soldier administer a Wuhan Flu shot right in the store – no doctors or medical personnel necessary.

Even though licensed medical workers are the only ones legally allowed to administer pharmaceutical injections, an exception was apparently made for the teenage-looking soldier to crudely stick the needle in the employee’s arm.

“With the Johnson & Johnson, you only need one and done,” the soldier is heard saying to the man – watch below. “So that’s the good thing about it. You don’t have to get a second one, nothing like that.”

U.K. to deploy door-to-door covid vaccine “hit squads”

Image: U.K. to deploy door-to-door covid vaccine “hit squads”

(Natural News) The government of Great Britain has announced that in order to get more people “vaccinated” with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), jab-armed “hit squads” are now being deployed throughout the island to help boost compliance.

Plandemic goons have already been spotted roving neighborhoods in Bolton and Blackburn, two areas of England that have supposedly been hit hard by the new so-called Indian “variant” of the Chinese Virus.

Commenting on the fascist scheme, a government spokesperson blasphemously remarked: “In jabs we trust.”

Boris Johnson also announced that Brits can once again go to pubs and restaurants and sit inside, adding the caveat that the Indian variant could pose “a real risk of disruption” to the planned June 21 end to “social distancing.”

Thus far, some 36 million vaccine doses have been administered to Brits, covering about 69 percent of the total adult population. The number of second doses administered has reached nearly 20 million.

In a matter of days, everyone over the age of 35 in the U.K. will be eligible for injection. And the government is insistent that there is “no evidence” to suggest that the injections are not effective against the Indian variant.

Areas with lowest vaccination rates seeing highest virus “spread,” politicians claim

As for the door-to-door injection campaign, government officials plan to blitz entire neighborhoods where the Indian variant is believed to be lurking. Entire households will get needled on command, reports indicate, in order to “save lives.”

Unless everyone gets a syringe plunged into their arms, the Chinese Virus will continue to spread “like wildfire,” British politicians insist. And it just so happens that this alleged spread is taking place almost exclusively in areas where people are refusing injection.

In Bolton and Blackburn, for instance, the vaccination rate is below 80 percent. To get it up above 80 percent, the British government is fearmongering about the Indian variant while sending jackboots in to forcibly administer Wuhan Flu injections.

The national army is also being sent in to target entire multi-generational households with the vaccines. Some 4,000 people in Bolton alone were injected by a “jab bus” that came barreling through town the other day. ...Continue reading


Bill Gates creating deadly, global vaccine empireVaccinate the World: Gates, Rockefeller Seek Global Population Reduction Being a former computer professional from back when we had to know how the things worked to program them, Bill Gates was always the incompetent amateur who got a big leg up because of his CIA connections and then made 'not fit for purpose' acceptable quality. Now this half witted shyster is playing a big role in formulating United Nations eugenics policy

Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam

Dr. Diane Harper was a leading expert responsible for the safety and effectiveness studies of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines, Gardasil™ and Cervarix™. Dr. Harper also authored many scholarly papers about the vaccines. She is now the latest in a long string of experts who are pressing the red alert button on the consequences and irrelevancy of these vaccines.

Zika Virus Threatens Rio Olympics As WHO Declares Global Emergency
This could just be another jolly jape for the fear and panic industry, remember Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS, MRSA, Mad Cow Disease, AIDS and all the other things that didn't wipe us out? After an inauspicious start when it was discovered in the Ugandan forest about sixty years ago to genetically-modified Mosquitoes in Brazil, the latest threat to humanity (most notably to pregnant women who get infected) is the ominous-sounding Zika virus.

California’s Mandatory Vaccinations Bill: Big Pharma Lobbyists Call the Shots, Community Opposition Ignored After the historic outpouring of families to halt the passing of SB-277 last Wednesday in California, information has now been made public to further put into question the bill’s credibility. After passing the Sacramento Health Committee vote, the bill was delayed as committee chair Senator Carol Liu wisely told the bill’s author Richard Pan “If I were you, I would not take a vote today.”

Dr. Offit, Vaccine Pusher in Chief is exposed as a liar.
Some time ago my editor-in-chief was the target of hate attacks by left wing sheeple for questioning the effectiveness of vaccines as anything but profit drivers for Big Pharma. Well Ian has thick skin so he was quite pleased to have provoked a few death threats. One of his targets howver was Dr. Offit who had famously said new born babies could have 10,000 vaccines at the same time without suffering harm. He has not fared so well, having become an object of ridicule.

Simple Tips for Boosting Immunity Everyone Should be Doing To Improve Resistance Against Diseases Like Cancer.
While medical science, funded by research grants from Big Pharma and corporate health care pushes to find ever more costly (i.e. profitable) therapies for the diseses that threaten us, the body is its own best doctor, as our ancestors knew. All we need do in many cases is give it the right support.

The Ebola Outbreak - Natural Disaster Or Man Made Catastrophe The Daily Stirrer has always tried to bring you a controversial and off-message view of major news stories. We were ahead of the game on Malaysia Airlines Flights MH370 and Flight MH17. We went out on a limb again over the Ebola fever outbreak in west Africa, arguing that it looked more like a biological weapons experiment gone wrong that a natural disaster. And once again as evidence emerges the odds are swinging in our favour.

India To Prosecute Bill Gates For His Vaccine Crimes
It's about time someone prosecuted him, every version of Windows has been a crime against humanity. The man who made "Not fit for purpose" marketable quality, the man who made it possible for the NSA to spy on us all, has been protected for far to long by the US Government. Someyhing to do with his father having been a director of the CIA perhaps? ...You may say that, I couldn'r possibly comment.

Coronavirus Contains “HIV Insertions”: Claim Stokes Fears Over Genetically Modified Bioweapon
The theory that China obtained the coronavirus via a Canadian research program, and started molding it into a bioweapon at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan before it somehow escaped could be an attempt by the establishment (the Davosocracy,) to spread fear and panic as they see resurgent nationalism across the developed world and growing scepticism about

Useless Drugs And Vaccines – Lying Science Whores. Told You SoUseless Drugs And Vaccines – Lying Science Whores. Told You So Dr. Offit, mandatory vaccine and conflicts of interest Do vaccines make you gay? Zika Virus Outbreak Centred On Area Where GM Mosquitos Were Released In 2015 – Why Are We Not Surprised The Left Scream About Their Opponents Intolerance But Who Is Really Intolerant Doctors, scientists greased by Big Pharma? Told you so. Weaponised Ebola Virus? The World Always Cathches Up Eventually? Meningitis B Vaccine - cost conundrum Flu Vaccines that don't work and healthy natural alternatives that work

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