Tuesday, March 15, 2022

How Tesla Bought Russian Aluminum To Make Body Shells For Model Y

 Leaked documents obrained by CNBC news show Tesla Cars bought millions of euros worth of aluminum from Russian aluminium company Rusal, the second-largest aluminum supplier in the world .

Several current and former employees of Tesla provided CNBC with invoices of the purchases, though they wanted to remain anonymous, citing fear of retribution. They said the electric vehicle maker purchased millions of euros worth of Russian aluminum to make body shells for the production trials of the Model Y at its new manufacturing facility in Brandenburg, Germany. No details were provided in the documents that suggested Rusal aluminum was shipped to the US.

This confirms the Boggart Bloggrs were right once again when we said Russia would have no problem finding ways to circumvent western sanctions. All multi national corporations have well established networks of shell companies set up in tax havens, through which goods and money can be moved around while the point of origin and final destination remain obscured. 

Follow The Money - How Russia Will Overcome The West's Economic War

The USA and the rest of NATO have sanctioned Russian tycoon and Rusal founder Oleg Deripaska. The billionaire is reportedly a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has called for peace in Ukraine.  Deripaska also said recently, "the whole world will be different after these events, and Russia will be different."

Rusal is not Tesla's main aluminum supplier and the leaked invoices didn't provide information on how much aluminum Tesla obtained from Rusal. What the documents show however is that a German subsidiary of Tesla paid the Swiss subsidiary of Rusal through an Austrian bank for the metal. 

Tesla began sourcing aluminum from Rusal for casting car parts in December 2020 and continued purchases through February 2022. 

There's no word if Tesla has run into sourcing issues which caused it to turn to Rusal for aluminum but Elon Musk made it clear last weekend that "Tesla & SpaceX are seeing significant recent inflation pressure in raw materials & logistics."




E U Central Bank Digital Currency Is The Death Rattle Of A Failed Experiment

The announcement from the European Central Bank (ECB) that is is to intrduce an official European Union digital currency spells the end of the European Single Currency experiment and with it the ambition of "ever closer union until the EU's member states were merged into a single political entity Digital Currencies might not quite be Ponzi schemes but on appearances the difference can be compared to that between a horse and a pony.

Negative Interest Rates - Final Nail In The Coffin Of Neoliberalism? Negative interest rates, in plain terms a situation in which we pay bankers for holding our money, are the latest ruse of politicians and economists to make uis start spending our investments and savings, thus kickstarting the global economy thy have screwed up.

The age of financial privacy is over
Yes you read that right. The fascist regime in the USA has usurped to itself the right to raid bank accoutns anywhere is the world. At the moment they are only stealing money by way of tax demands from people who were born on US soil even if those people have not lived in the USA since childhood and have never be employed by a US business.

Inland Revenue a Dysfunctional department that ‘can’t be trusted’ with power to raid bank accounts
Plans to let the taxman take cash out of people’s bank accounts without their permission were condemned by MPs after Rebecca Benneyworth, of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, warned the department is ‘shooting itself in the foot.’ She told the ICAEW conference : ‘Public trust in HMRC would be eroded very quickly if cases come to light where funds have been incorrectly removed. ‘HMRC cannot afford to have public opinion turn against the tax system and those charged with administering it.’Accountants have warned HMRC cannot be trusted ...

Taxes Will Rise If Government Do Not Raid Bank Accounts Taxes will have to rise unless officials are given new powers to raid people’s bank accounts, David Cameron has said.

The Treasury select committee warned that allowing HM Revenue and Customs to remove cash from bank accounts without court orders is “very concerning” because of its history of mistakes.
The committee said that taxpayers could suffer “serious detriment” if officials are able, either by mistake or through an “abuse” of power, to take money from people who have done no wrong.

Magic Money - How The Fractional Reserve Banking System Conjures Money From Fresh Air:
A look at how the fractional reserve banking system works and how it brought the global economy and many people's personal finances close to collapse. It's really all about pulling magic money out of fresh air.

Investors Ignore Triple Dip Regession As Stock Market Hits Four Year High
News that the British economy was staring an unprecedented triple dip recession in the face left investors unperturbed yesterday as shares on Britain's leading index hit their highest point in since the crash four-and-a-half years ago.

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