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The Great Genocide: Dutch Govt Plans to Shut Down Up To 3,000 Farms To Comply With Euronazi Union Green Law

posted by Egbert Nohbakkon, 30 November 2022 

Boggart Blog and The Daily Stirrer have been involved in the fight against globalism ( rebranded  naziism,) since 2005. In that time we have seen news replaced by propaganda, free speech come under attack and censorship become the norm and the ruling elites openly waging war on the rights and liberties, the prosperity and the personal sovereignty of ordinary citizens.

As last we are seeing people waking up, grassrooots resistance movements growing into mass protests and both academics and members of the professions ready to risk their reputations and careers to challenge the lies and the authoritarianism of official narratives. But the attacks go on relentlessly, the latest is on the food we eat, the stuff that sustains life , and the people who produce it ...

AMSTERDAM, the NETHERLANDS - JULY 23: Demonstrators attend a rally of the Netherland In Resistance group sympathizers to support farmers, fishermen and truckers, on Dam Square in Amsterdam on July 23, 2022. (Photo by Mohamed Farouk Batiche/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Dutch farmers protest EU anti - farming law. Picture:Mohamed Farouk Batiche/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

As we reported earlier in the year, in order to comply with new, economically suicidal European Union environmental laws the Dutch government’s plans to force the closure of thousands of dairy and livestock farms in order to comply with the latest and most insane to date batch of EU environment laws which aim to limit notrogen as well as Carbon Dioxide emissions. The European Union green agenda directive has been branded as the “Great Reset turned up to eleven”.

Last week the globalist government of  Netherlands National Socialist Prime Minister Mark Rutte finally spelt out its plans to cut nitrogen emissions to in line with the EU’s Natura 2000 programme, which seeks to effectively outlaw agriculture activity near supposedly at-risk wildlife regions across the European Union. In the plans presented by WEF rentboy Rutte, the government will buy out (at a non negotiable price,)  or simply confiscate in the case of farmers who will not sell, between two and three thhousand farms in The Netherlands, starting by as soon as April of 2023.

Even adolf Hitler and his brutal henchmen did not go that far.

The price farmers can expect to be paid for their land has not been set, however, leaks have suggested that it will likely be around 120 per cent of the estimated worth. This is a particularly slimy move because the farmers are being offered a 25% premium on the value of their land in return for compliance against nothing should they stand up to the authoritarian Bullies of Brussels

The government has said that while it hopes the scheme will be voluntarily adopted, if enough farmers refuse the offer, they will embark on forcibly seizing the land from the farmers, who staged mass protests over the summer against the plans.

Saying that there is “no better offer coming, nitrogen minister Christianne van der Wal told MPs on Friday that the government would “with pain in the heart” seize the land if necessary.

Commenting on the scheme, Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek told Breitbart London: “What this shows you is that the will of the people means nothing to our government. Despite all of the protest and (inter)national backlash, they’re pushing through with what I think are criminal policies.

“Our government doesn’t cater to the wishes of it’s own citizens, it caters to globalist institutions whose interest it is to control the food supply, so they can control us.”

She concluded: “It’s the great reset in full force.”

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced his intentions to cut nitrogen emissions from livestock farms in half by the year 2030 in order to satisfy goals laid out in the European Union’s insane Natura 2000 scheme, which requires that all EU member-states remove industry or farming from areas deemed to be of ecological importance.

It is nothing but an attack on the food security of EU citizens of course, nitogen makes up around 75% of the air we breathe and just as essential to life as Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide. The Dutch government has claimed that in order to meet EU goals, some farms may have to reduce their emissions by as much as 95 per cent which would mean culling their herds by over 50% and that up to 30 per cent of all livestock farms may need to be shut down for good. The threat of shutting down livestock farms is potentially disastrous for the Netherlands economically as the efficiency of the small nation's agricultural sector has made it the largest exporter of meat in Europe and the fifth-largest exporter of dairy produce in the world.

In response to the EU's authoritarian and ill advised scheme, thousands of farmers have regularly staged protests throughout the country, using tractors to shut down motorways and other critical infrastructure. These protests have spilled over into other EU nations with economically significant farming industries.

The attempts to shut down great swaths of the Dutch agricultural sector come amid increasing concerns over food security due to the war in Ukraine, which has traditionally been one of the bread baskets of Europe, growing millions of tons of grain on its vast, almost empty, plains. The Netherlands national farming lobbying group estimates agriculture accounts for 54,000 businesses throughout the country and produced 94.5 billion euros in exports in 2019. It is also the largest employer.


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If at any time during the chaos the past eighteen months you have wondered what kind of idiots are running the world and have gleefully trashed economies, disrupted social and commercial life and stripped citizens of their rights and liberties only to bring us, in late October 2021, right back to where we were in late February 2020 when the words pandemic and COVID crept into our consciousness ...

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